4 Best Houston Tourist Places To Add To Your Bucket List

Houston Tourist Places

Houston tourist places are a great getaway for visitors visiting Texas. It is a hub for many exciting places and also the home for NASA training center. Whether you are visiting for business trips, or to enjoy with your family members, Houston will prove to be an incredible destination. If you have an affinity for tourist spots and destinations, you will definitely find Houston interesting. There are a lot of eye-catching views and the incredible night life of the place grabs the attention of many tourists. Here are some of the best Houston tourist places that you need to include in your bucket list.

The Houston Zoo

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It is one of the most attractive Houston tourist places and is a home for many species. A variety of animals and plants have found their permanent home in the zoo premises. You can find more than 6000 animals in the zoo and the whole place is surrounded by large trees to attract the attention of the spectators. This place can be a great place to hang out with your kids as they will definitely enjoy the serenity of the place.

Houston Space Center

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It is one of the most special Houston tourist attractions that is loved by people all over the globe. You can visit the amazing replica of the space center that is open for all visitors. You can visit and see the replica of the space shuttle and learn about it. It is a favorable place to chill and your kids will also find it interesting to learn more about space craft. This is indeed a great place to visit if you are visiting Houston that will enhance your learning experience.

Walking Tour In Montrose

Montrose has become a hub for shopping and LGBTQ activities. The place looks very colorful and has become one of the best attractions of Houston. The place is guarded by vintage music, shopping centers, etc. and you can always love the walking tour experience with your loved ones. Roads are engulfed in vintage scenic buildings, wrapped up with antique bars. You can hangout with your friends and have a good time with your kids as well. If you are visiting with your colleagues for a business meet, this place can be a decent place to hangout as there are many rustic bars in it.

Preston Street

This is one of the best tourist attractions that art-lovers tend to enjoy. The streets are decorated with graffiti and you can find local artists showcasing their talent in front of people. This showcase of colors all over the city is one of the best things to witness when you visit Houston. The street welcomes with wide arms and fills the city with colors. You can walk down the street and enjoy the beauty that it beholds.


These are some of the best Houston tourist places that you must add to your bucket list to have a good experience. If you have some more place, tell us in the comment section.

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