5 Best Dominican Republic Tourist Places You Shouldnt Miss

dominican republic tourist places

Travelling is therapy, therapy for the soul to make you feel alive and to realise that you are not born only to sit behind those boring cubicles. This time book your tickets to visit the Dominican Republic, the country in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its blue ocean waters, white sand beaches, resorts, and holds many more exciting things for you to make your vacation experience wonderful. People of the Dominican Republic love baseball. It is their favourite national pastime and a great source of pride for them. They love to have traditional food especially La Bandera, which means “the flag” which is their national meal made from stewed meat, red beans and rice. The Dominican Republic is the place that will show you blue stones called larimars. The country has won its independence from Haiti. Haiti at present time is half the size of the Dominican Republic and is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

This article is about Dominican Republic tourist places that you will explore on your visit to the country. These 5 Dominican Republic tourist places are the best and you have to add these to your list.

Dominican Republic Tourist Places You Will Love To Explore

A large boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial

A narrow city street with old buildings in the background

You will find hustle and bustle of modern-day life portrayed against the backdrop of centuries-old buildings. It is said that Christopher Columbus first landed in America in this city.

The Resort Destination Of Punta Cana

Here in this Dominican Republic tourist place, there is an endless stretch of beautiful white-sand beach that meets with the blue water of the Caribbean. If you are looking for luxury, a couple’s retreat or family or friends accommodation this place is perfect for you. They even arrange combined accommodation on request. You should check this place out in Dominican Republic tourist places.

Puerto Plata & Playa Dorada

This resort destination in Puerto Plata is a beautiful stretch along the North Coast. One of the finest Dominican Republic tourist places you will find. The sand of golden colour which is lined with luxury resorts for you to choose according to your preferences.

Cabarete And The Beachside Restaurants

Cabarete is a place which is known for its relaxed atmosphere and a huge line of casual restaurants along the beach lines. Unlike Punta Cana or Puerto Plata of Dominican Republic tourist places, this place isn’t all-inclusive resorts and packaged-vacation tourists.

Kiteboarding In Cabarete’s Kite Beach

From Cabarete’s main this place among Dominican Republic tourist places is a 20-minute walk along the waterfront. In this small area, you will find many travellers from across the world swimming, doing stand up paddleboarding, etc. With afternoon winds you will find kites filled in the blue sky. All in all, you will enjoy the vibe of this place.


These are the 5 best Dominican Republic tourist places that you will love to visit and definitely worth your money. Hopefully, this blog would be of great help for you to know about Dominican Republic tourist places and what all you can do there to make the trip more adventurous than you thought.

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