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historical places in nashville

Nashville hotels are a great way to see some of the city’s architectural gems, while still being in close proximity to where all the action is. Nashville hotels are often mid-range to expensive, with many having contemporary designs on the interior and even providing room service. There are also many luxury historical places in Nashville that offer guests a truly classy stay.

Popular Historical Attractions

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Some of the more popular historical attractions include the Hamilton Place Historic District in downtown Nashville. Hamilton Place was one of the original neighborhoods built in the West Nashville area and served as the original home of some of the city’s most notable people, including William T. Henry and his wife, Nancy. There are several historic houses that are open to the public that you can tour. You can learn about some of the beautiful architecture from the past. If you like historical fiction, there are many events hosted by the Hamilton Place Historic District that you can enjoy.

Another one of the many historical places in Nashville is the Franklin Park District. It is one of the most intact communities in all of Tennessee. The neighborhood was designed around an old sewer line that connected the Metroplex to Lake Lanier. There are many fascinating historic buildings and one of the places you should visit is the architecture firm of Wise Brothers, who is responsible for many of the structures in the park.

Check Out The New Breed Neighborhood House

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If you are looking for a more recent example of Nashville’s rich history, then you should check out the New Breed Neighborhood House. This house is built on the site of what was once the estate of printer and poet Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Although the house has been renovated over the years, it still features some of the original features of the original home. It is now run and managed by the architecture firm of Wise Brothers. You can learn more about the history of this place by checking out the website.

In addition to the architecture firm, you will also want to check out the Dinair Building. The structure is a century old, and it houses many artifacts from the early days of statehood. The Dinair is also home to the first Nashville wedding caterer in the United States.

First Tennessee Historical Society

A few blocks from the Dinair building is the First Tennessee Historical Society. This is one of the only groups in the state that offers certificate programs in many different areas of historic preservation. You will also find many lectures and presentations by local historians and professionals. You will even be able to attend an open house on the structure, which will be presented by a professional architect.

Last Word

Architectural firms in Nashville are happy to share their past with you. If you love historic architecture, Nashville is a great city to work at if you are just looking for an architectural firm that is responsible for preserving the past. Nashville is also home to many musicians, so there are plenty of opportunities to see live shows at the venues around town. As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can work with an architectural firm in Nashville. This is just a small sample of the things that you can do.

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