Best Things To Do In Jamaica City

Best Things to Do in Jamaica

There are ample of amazing activities and sights in Jamaica City. From cane rafting downcast rivers to cliff diving and the whole thing in between, the city is the terrestrial of wood, water, as well as adventure. Crowded with diverse charms, no wonder the city relishes a repute as a Caribbean hotspot

 Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park in Jamaica City

Inside its borders, you can explore jungle-clad foothills, cascades, lush forests, coffee estates, and striking plants and animals, counting 800 species of endemic plants, further than 200 classes of birds, and the world’s second-biggest butterfly. The roads and tracks are uneven – particularly after rain – so 4WD vehicles also/or experienced guides are extremely recommended. A highpoint to visit here is the trek (or mule ride) up Jamaica’s uppermost peak, 2,256-meter-high Blue Mountain Peak.

Best Things To Do In Jamaica City

Turtle River Falls And Gardens in Jamaica City

Several diversities of indigenous and scarce plants grow certainly in the gardens. Unusual birds are housed in a walk-in-aviary also a lovely Japanese Koi Pond aids to complete this steamy hideaway. On the possessions, the Turtle River pours into 14 flowing waterfalls.

Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica City

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s nationwide treasures. Internationally, it is as renowned as Reggae and similarly stimulating. There are few places where the Arawak named “Xayamaca” – terrestrial of rivers and springs – is further apt. The Spaniards named the area “Las Chorreras” – the waterfalls otherwise springs – and it is truthfully one of the most attractive spots on the isle.

Best Things To Do In Jamaica City

Watch The Sunset

One of the foremost reasons we retain coming back is for those Jamaican sunsets. There are no better means to end the day then in a hammock on the seashore with a drink in your hand viewing the sunset. Some of the finest sunsets in Jamaica are on Seven Mile Beach in Negril.

Enjoy The Island Life

Recall you are on holiday. If you want to sleep till noon, you can and if you want to start drinking at 9 am, you can do it too. If you want to do nothing nevertheless lay on the seashore and soak up the sun. Sometimes we all require a day full of serenity. Jamaica is a great place for calmness.

Hiking in The Blue Mountains in Jamaica

The Blue Mountains are the extended mountain range in Jamaica also features regal scenery and a luxurious forest. The highlands are the number one place in Jamaica where locals camp and hike. The Blue Mountains is correspondingly the home of the renowned Blue Mountain coffee.

Reach Falls

Reach Falls are among Jamaica’s cutest and most passive falls. A gentle hike over the tropical rainforest takes you toward the top of the falls. You could stand under the flowing cascades, discover underwater caves, and dip in the fern-fringed waters enclosed by rainforest. Water shoes are suggested.


Jamaica might be most well-known for its beaches, nonetheless as locals will rapidly point out, the island’s luxurious interior would knock your socks off too, even if you probably will not be wearing socks.

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