Best U.S. Travel Destinations For Beach Lovers

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The top U.S. travel destinations will be the ones that people remember and appreciate. This is because when people go there they want to experience all that the United States has to offer. When you visit a place, you have to get there by air or sea, but once there you want to do more than just sightsee. You want to experience the culture, the nightlife, the weather and facilities at your destination. There are five top places to travel to in the United States.

California has two major coasts, the Pacific and the Atlantic. The U.S.A is a state of 50 states spanning a large stretch of North America, and with Alaska further west, providing a connection to the Pacific, giving travelers even more opportunities to travel from coast to coast. Major coastal cities are New York, an international finance and culture hub, and Washington, D.C., its capital. Midwestern metropolises like Chicago and Minneapolis are known for their political influence and on the east coast, Los Angeles is famous for its glamorous music and art scene. No other travel destination in the United States offers as many options for seeing the world as California.

Top U.S.Travel Destinations

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Florida provides visitors with an endless array of beach and sun-filled beaches. Orlando, home to Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and several theme parks makes it the single best travel destination for Florida tourists. In addition, Florida is a national park hunting ground, offering hunters an extraordinary chance to get out into nature in the safety of a park surrounded by water. Less crowded beaches and a national park with more wildlife are featuring in Sarasota, Clearwater, and Miami, each offering unique experiences that will impress.

New England is another natural destination in the northeast, offering expansive mountains, picturesque towns, and historic sites. Once considered a part of the barren Canadian tundra, this scenic region now offers some of the finest train stations in the country. While the snow does not last long in New England, the climate makes it a great travel destination for the rest of the year, with spring and fall seasons offering some of the best skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the nation.

A Much Ado

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California is one of the most popular states to visit, thanks in part to its fantastic weather and spectacular scenery. Northern California’s wine country draws thousands of travelers each year to Highway 101 and the California State Parks. The San Francisco Bay area is home to Silicon Valley, home to many famous companies like Apple and Google. Southern California offers surfers the most Pacific Ocean beaches, including Pacific Beach, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. As far as U.S. travel destinations go, California really stretches the limits, with everything from big cities to pristine coastlines.

Yellowstone National Park is easily one of the most well-known places to visit, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just someone looking for a taste of nature. While there are tons of overnight accommodations at various campgrounds around Yellowstone, it is best to visit in the summer, when temperatures and precipitation are more moderate. Many summertime Yellowstone tours offer discounts, such as the “Yellowstone Cut” tour, which highlights the main valley floor of the park.

If you want to see a national park and stay at one of its most well-known lodging spots, hotels in nearby St. George, Utah, are a popular choice for travelers. Notable national park amenities include a bus tour of the Grand Canyon, the West Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, and a tram tour of Zion National Park. St. George is also the site of the first known English settlement, which was put up by English immigrants from Plymouth, England. The gorgeous Victorian mansions and stately homes of St. George are well worth a visit. There is even a state park campground within walking distance, allowing visitors to take a hiking trip and still be near the city of St. George.

Bottom Line

When you’re planning your next vacation, consider the above-mentioned destinations as some of the top options. Not only will you have a great time while you’re there, but you’ll likely return year after year, as vacation memories become ingrained in your mind. Whether you want to travel to witness history or just relax on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, these spots provide everything your body needs for a wonderful experience.

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