Built to Ensure the Ultimate Protection and Comfort in Any Weather Condition! Comes With a Great Design!

The umbrella is a product used by people on a way basis. The umbrella can be used for the harsh shiny summers or rainy weather. To keep yourself safe from weather conditions, this product is best for you. The stick umbrella is at a better height to carry around and when you open it the canopy is huge enough for two people. The umbrella does what it is supposed to do – give cover from rain, wind, and sun. The umbrella is double-layered, the outer and inner layers are black. The structure of the umbrella is quite durable and has been thoroughly tested against fierce winds/ storms and heavy rain. The uniqueness of this umbrella is that unlike other standard umbrellas the umbrella is filled up with a string structural state. With its unique way of closing the umbrella, it reeks of convenience especially when you want to get into the car. The ribs and spokes are in between the two layers of the canopy that gives the umbrella a very stylish look

Double-Layered Windproof Umbrella

The umbrella is what you need to keep yourself safe from weather changes. The big umbrella can have the capacity to seat two people in it. The nylon fabric is high quality and is waterproof. The two-sided fabric keeps the umbrella strong and protects the umbrella from strong winds. The inner structure of the umbrella is strong and highly durable. the umbrella goes from a strong quality check to ensure the strength of the umbrella. The umbrella is made up of a stylish and structural handle. The umbrella can also be used in holding bags with hangs. With the umbrella’s convenient style and design, it is easy to store and immediately gets dry if used in rain.

Buy your Double-Layered Windproof Umbrella today.


  • Number of Bones: 10
  • Material: 190T Nylon Fabric
  • Size: 144 cm (umbrella) 80 cm (height)
  • Package includes: (1) Umbrella
A close up of an umbrella


The umbrella comes with the following benefits, which are as follows.

  • The umbrella is made of high-quality nylon and stainless steel structure.
  • The umbrella can be convenient for both heavy rains and shiny sun.
  • The umbrella can be stored conveniently with an easy handle design.
  • The umbrella fashionable handle is strong to hold and support bags.
  • The umbrella is used in a non-automatic format.
A close up of an umbrella


  • The product has no type of negative cons of the product but should be used and stored safely to ensure long life.


The umbrella as a product is used by people in weather changes and with its durability and size, it is best for keeping two people safe from weather changes. The umbrella is a fashionable style statement also. People carry them for trend sets too. And with black color, the umbrella does go with every type of outfit. The umbrella is made with high-quality nylon fabric which does not get affected by changing weather conditions.

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