Dallas Tourist Places a Perfect Place to Spend Your Vacation

dallas tourist places

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and the fourth most populous city in the United States. The city attracts millions of tourists each year from around the world. It is considered a gateway to the Pacific Ocean because of its navigable rivers, lakes and beautiful beaches. Dallas is an economic hub with six Fortune 500 companies located here. There are also many cultural attractions including the Dallas Symphony and the Dallas Arts Festival.

Commercial Zone

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Dallas, a dynamic, modern metropolis in south Texas, is also a cultural and commercial center of the area. On Sixth Floor of Dealey Plaza, the prestigious Museum at Dealey Plaza chronicles the famous events of the city. On the Arts District, The Dallas Museum of Art occupies six floors, while the crow collection of ancient Asian art covers three floors at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Restaurants, galleries and hotels that specialize in cuisine, art and culture round out the best places to eat in Dallas.

Central Place

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At the heart of downtown Dallas are the downtown areas known as Medical Center, Cityplace and Main Street. Together, these areas boast hundreds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, theaters, hotels and observation deck places. At one time, Dallas was known for the reputation of being the “Grocery City,” due to the huge sales of quality foods in the mid-range to luxury-high food market. Now, with the growth of the downtown areas and the revitalization efforts of the Medical Center, visitors tend to stay for a bit longer and enjoy fine dining and coffee shops along with entertainment venues. In addition to boasting several museums, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas City Ballet and Opera, and other cultural attractions, downtown Dallas is an excellent place for a family vacation.


Another area that deserves mention when discussing the Dallas tourist attractions is the North Fork Lake. Located between Burton and Greenville, this scenic lake offers visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of the western part of Texas. One of the finest lakes in all of Texas, the lake boasts a great range of activities that can be enjoyed by families and individuals alike. Take a nature walk amongst oak trees, take a boating tour, go on a hike, take a fishing excursion, or participate in a variety of water sports. With the abundance of family-friendly Dallas places to visit, you will have no trouble finding something enjoyable to do here.


Fort Worth offers an abundance of Dallas tourist destinations for visitors to explore. With four world class golf courses, the Fort Worth region is one of the most sought after areas in the United States for both professional players and weekend warriors. Along with being home to one of the nation’s premier horse breeding facilities, there are also a number of amusement parks, fine restaurants, and a wide selection of family-friendly entertainment options. No matter what your interest, you are sure to find a number of great Fort Worth attractions to visit while you are on your Dallas holidays.


For those who are interested in historical exploration, downtown Dallas has a number of museums that are dedicated to chronicling the rich history of the city. One of these great museums is the Winspear Opera House, which is open to the public on a regular basis. Famed for their production of “The Nutcracker”, the opera house features performances by an eclectic array of local and international stars. This annual event is a marvelous way to spend a day, and many visitors never leave the theater without experiencing the musicality of this famed Dallas drama.


If art and culture interests you, a Fort Worth trip is not complete without at least taking a tour of the fair park museum. Home to numerous collections of local, regional, and national art, this world-famous museum is also home to one of the city’s longest running exhibits of contemporary art collection. The fair park museum is also one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing hundreds of visitors each year. Fort Worth offers many other cultural attractions as well, including the Dallas Symphony, Sixth Floor Museum at the Delano Center, and the Science Museum of Texas.

Wrapping Up

When planning your Fort Worth vacations, it is a good idea to enlist the help of Fort Worth travel agents. They can provide you with information about local restaurants, shows, and much more. Because we all know how important time is when it comes to exploring Dallas’ many wonderful attractions, let the professionals take care of the details so you can enjoy a truly memorable time while visiting our state!

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