Destination Ideas For a Winter Break in Greece

top destinations in greece

Top destinations in Greece are ranked according to a range of factors, most importantly the climate. Greece is a geographical country in northeastern Europe with thousands of small islands across the Aegean and Ionian oceans. Important in ancient times, it is often described as the cradle of Western culture. Athens, its old capital, holds important landmarks like the fifth-century B.C. Acropolis fort with the Parthenon stone statue. The Black Sea coast, with its many islands and beaches, is popular with visitors interested in ancient history and fine dining. The sun and sea along the northern and eastern coasts offer equally delightful offerings.

Although famous for its rich heritage, Greece is nowadays also well known for its culinary delights. Many of the traditional dishes made hundreds of years ago can still be found and are considered some of the best places to eat in Greece. Famous dishes include Greek pizza, seafood, lamb and beef kebabs, Greek salad, olive oil pie and much more.

A must see while in Greece is the Pyrenees Mountains. They are world famous for their scenic beauty and you could take a delightful ride on a donkey or on a horse, enjoying the fantastic views over the mountains. Atoll’s famous harbor is an excellent spot to go snorkeling, swimming or simply relaxing. Other popular tourist destinations include the Isthmus of Ionian Sea, Pelion Peninsula and the Golden Gates.

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A must see while in Greece are the islands of the Aegean Sea. These are the perfect destination to relax on the islands as they are blessed with superb beaches. The main islands of the Aegean Sea include Ionian Islands, Epirus, Sporades Islands and the islands of Lemnos, Himion, Lagoon of Epirus, Skiathos, Sterea and Arkades. There are many other islands that make perfect holiday destinations for couples, families and honeymooners.

If you want to enjoy your holidays to the fullest then you should not miss the sight of the Acropolis in Athens. It is an architectural masterpiece dating back to the fourth century BC. If you are not much interested in history then the museum located at the foot of the Acropolis is a great place to find great artifacts. The Acropolis museum is open every day and is a great attraction for all the tourists. Another must see spot is the Parthenon where you can see the remnants of the ancient Greek architecture. Other popular destinations in Greece include the Ionian Coast, Corfu, Skiathos, Epirus, Skiathos and the Pelion Peninsula.

Winter Break Destination Ideas in Greece

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You will also love to visit the top Greek islands like Laganas, Mykonos, Skopelos, Paros, Samos and Kilometers. If you are looking for an exotic nightlife in Greece then the discos, bars and clubs of the islands of Laganas, Mykonos and Paros are the best places to hangout and have fun. Bars of each island have special themes according to the parties offered so you may choose the one that suits your taste and budget.

For those who love tranquillity then the top destinations in Greece are the islands of Santorini, Epirus, Ionian Archipelago and Thera Volcano. These islands are known for their picturesque landscape, beaches and charming people. You can even spend a day sailing over the breathtakingly beautiful Ionian Sea and take a walk down to the village of Kerkyra, where the erupting volcano marks the entrance of this picturesque village. The active volcano has been frequently erupting for the last 2021 years. Tourists can go to the centre of the volcano, to marvel at the activities going on around it or just to take a breath of fresh air after an adventurous day on the beach.

In the centre of the country you will find a group of islands which are very similar to the ones mentioned above. Akrotiri is another island that offers the same luxuries and attractions of the rest of the top destinations in Greece but also a breath-taking beauty and a vibrant nightlife. Akrotiri is very popular among couples because of its warm and sandy beaches perfect for relaxing and having a good time. The island also boasts of a very unique architecture which is unlike any other place in Greece. Most of the resorts and hotels of Akrotiri have swimming pools as well as other facilities. The island also offers some great restaurants and bars where visitors can enjoy excellent food and drink.

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