Difference Between Central And South America

central and south america

The continent of North America has many cultures, languages, currencies, and people. Countries in North America vary in size, population, and location on the continent. Countries also vary in economic situations. They can range from poor to very wealthy countries. The wealthiest countries are the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba while Haiti is the poorest country in North America.

The central America region includes Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. These central American countries are rich in culture and history links to past civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs. All central American countries except Belize (which is located in North America) have Spanish as their main language. The central American region has a tropical climate with heavy rainfall and high temperatures.

Central American economy

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The central American economy is mostly based on natural resources such as agriculture, mining, and other industries. There are some central American countries that have free-trade agreements with other North American countries. Belize is an important country in central America for trading due to its port city of Belize City which welcomes many trade ships from around the world.

The central American countries also have very high poverty rates and crime rates which affect the economy even more. In recent years, central America has been a popular route for immigrants from poor Central American countries to go north for employment opportunities in the United states or Canada or other central American countries that offer jobs. Central America has recently been put under the spotlight for its population of illegal immigrants.

Central American Region

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The central American region is at risk for natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Three central American countries also share borders with south America. These central American countries are Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador which share borders with Nicaragua and Costa Rica and Panama.

The central American region is also home to many cultures. There are many indigenous tribes living in central America such as the Mayans and Aztecs. These central American countries have celebrated old traditions for centuries at their festivals and celebrations. Indigenous people still live in central America today but they are slowly disappearing due to limited job opportunities.

People In Central America

People in central America also enjoy the many central American traditions such as Mayan dances and native music.The central American region has produced some of the most important people in history. Some central Americans who have made a name for themselves are Juan Valdez, Judas Tadeo, Simon Bolivar, Josephine Baker and Miguel Cabrera.

The central American region has many types of terrain to offer such as rainforests, mountains, beaches and rivers. The central American countries have very diverse wildlife which makes central America a popular place for eco-tourism.

Final Verdict

The central american region is home to many different climates and ecosystems. For example, central America has a tropical climate in most central american countries but some central american countries have cooler temperatures such as central America s northern regions which are located close to the border of Mexico and also Costa Rica.

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