Do You Want To Learn More About Chichen Itza?

Chichen Itza

For those who have visited Chichen Itza, a trip to Mexico is certainly worth it. Many tourists have reported experiencing a heightened sense of peace and serenity, which was brought about by the presence of ancient Mayan architecture that reflects the Mayan culture, but is also very unique and has a history of its own. Chichen Itza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The El Cala de Los Chiquitas (The City of Seven Hills) is another interesting structure in the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization site of Chichen Itzahua. El Cala de Los Chiquitas, which means ‘mountain of seven hills,’ is also known as the ‘City of the Seven Hills.’

The Observatory, also known as El Caracol, is an interesting structure in the pre-Columbian Mayan culture site of Chichen Itzahua. The tower is shaped like a ball with four legs and is built from mud brick and stone. The observatory is also constructed with an observation deck, which is a great vantage point from which to look at the nearby Mayan ruins. And to enjoy the views of the mountains and the sea beyond. The observatory is also the home of the Mayan priest who is in charge of the temple of the Jaguar.

Learn More About Chichen Itza
Learn More About Chichen Itza

About Chichen Itzahua Temple

The Chichen Itzahua Temple, also known as the El Chitlal, has two tiers. The upper level features a building called El Techo, which is the name the Mayan gave to a type of pagoda. The temple itself features many temples and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Pyramid Of The Sun

The Pyramid of the Sun, also known as El Tzompantli, features a pyramid-shaped sun disc on the top of a tall column. The structure is known to have been constructed during the ninth through the tenth centuries.

El Cala de Los Chiquitas

El Cala de Los Chiquitas offers a lot of things for visitors to do and see while visiting Chichen Itzahua. The town is filled with fun activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, and canoeing, snorkeling, rafting, boating, and kayaking, horseback riding, and walking. There are a great number of museums as well, including the National Museum, National Archaeological Park, Mayan Village, and the Chichen Itzahua Museum. The Chichen Itzahua Museum hosts a lot of exhibits and information on Mayan culture and the life of the Mayan people.

The Caracas

The Caracas is one of the best attractions to take a hike or canoe from Chichen Itzahua to Copan. The river can be a great place to hike, as it offers spectacular scenery and a variety of flora and fauna. The river can also be reached by taking a small boat ride across. Copan is another popular place for kayaking.

Mayan Village

The Mayan village of Chichen Itzahua is home to a wonderful museum. The museum features artifacts and pictures of Mayan history. It also houses a beautiful Mayan temple.

One of the biggest draws to Chichen Itzahua, aside from the Mayan ruins. And the ancient Mayan civilization is the Mayan hot-water fountains. These are an attraction for tourists to stop by Chichen Itza.

Do You Want To Learn About Chichen Itza?
Do You Want To Learn About Chichen Itza?

Chichen Itza is also home to many Mayan hotels, inns, resorts, and apartments. The accommodations are affordable and the resorts are comfortable and well-equipped. They are also a wonderful choice if you would like to stay at Chichen Itza on a budget. If you are planning a family vacation, Chichen Itza hotels are one of the best choices.

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