Enjoying Historical Places Around The World

historical places in germany

The incredible Medieval architecture, unrivaled palaces, and magnificent churches have earned Germany the admiration of many tourists throughout the Unesco World Heritage Site. The castles in Bavaria with their impressive Baroque architecture have won the hearts of scores of visitors. The best places to see in Munich are the St Sebastian’s Cathedral, the Dieterstadt Cathedral, and the Wittenberg Castle. Another must see place in Munich is the old town hall, the tallest building in Germany. It was made during the Gothic era and contains stunning art work by Jochen Breuer.

Dieppe is another popular place to explore. It is famous for its cliffs that overlook the sea. You can view the spectacular scenery while at the same time enjoy a romantic cruise along the coast with the help of a boat charter. A visit to the castle that once belonged to Charles V, and the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica is some of the best places in Switzerland national park. You can also try the traditional windsurfing and sailing on the calm waters of the coast.

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is another favorite destination with tourists. The beautiful national park called Haarp Alaska offers spectacular landscapes to see. You can see the whole of Europe through the narrow bridges that connect Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The old town of Eindhoven, and the castles of Fagen and Loosen, are must see sites in the area.

While visiting the area, you can visit the towns of Wire and Antwerp. Visit the Aachen cathedral and see the magnificent icon of the Holy Trinity, the patron saint of Holland, on display. Other fascinating sights include the Wire cathedral, which is the oldest building in the city. This cathedral was built in the twelfth century and offers an excellent overview of the surrounding landscape.

The Anne Frank House

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In addition to the wire and Antwerp, you should also visit the Anne Frank House. This house was where she hid from the Nazis during World War II. She wrote about her experiences in an amazing journal, which is now available to the public. The Museum also has a permanent exhibition featuring her furniture, which is a great way to learn more about the life of the author.

Popping over the Rhine is also a popular tourist destination. The Alpendorf region offers some good architecture and beautiful fields. The Hohe Tauern National Park offers an exciting opportunity to trek through the gorgeous scenery, while the Rhineland Platz has become a well-loved picnic spot.


Switzerland has many interesting spots. One of the most impressive is the Matterhorn, which rises from the snow capped Alps. From here, you can see other parts of the Alps and enjoy some spectacular views. You can also go hiking in the Swiss Alps, which is definitely a unique experience.

While Switzerland may be the perfect place to go for a holiday, it’s not the only place that offers a lot of historical attraction. France has some great monuments, such as the Cathedrals of Paris, the cathedral at Louvain, and the famous Pompadour Bequest. London has popular visitor attractions like Stonehenge and Shakespeare’s Globe. Other countries, like Greece, offer historical wonder and museums such as the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the Erechtheion.

Interesting Historic Places

It’s not only Europe that has a lot of interesting historic places. Asia too has many historical wonders. China has the Great Wall, India has the Bodhgaya, and Pakistan has the Golden Temple. If you’re looking for a spiritual place to visit, you can go to Mecca, the mosque in the Holy Land.

Some people don’t like to spend time wandering around in the past. They prefer to read about it or watch movies about it. Movies to watch include the Battle of Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and Gandhi.

Final Words

There are lots of other places to visit, whether you want to spend a few hours or days traveling around Europe, Asia, or the Middle East. But if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of historic places, you should try a trip to France, Switzerland, or Canada. If you’ve never visited any of these places before, it will be a wonderful experience.

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