Famous Ohio Historical Places

Ohio Historical Places

Ohio recounts an intriguing story—and our notable milestones are proof of that. From the origin of people that changed the course of the history of our country to the secretive likeness hills that give us pieces of information about the individuals who preceded us, here are 7 Ohio historical places that you should visit:

7 Must-See Ohio Historical Places

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Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

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This remembrance on South Bass Island stands to celebrate the Battle of Lake Erie and Commodore Oliver Perry’s triumph over the British during the War of 1812. It additionally serves to praise the enduring harmony between Britain, Canada, and the United States that followed the war.

Great Serpent Mound Ohio Historical Place

The biggest (and most abnormally formed) representation hill on the planet can be discovered here in Ohio in Adams County. The 1,348 feet in length particularly molded hill portrays a snake, with an oval shape at its head. Albeit no antiquities or set up accounts were found close to the hill to figure out who constructed it, a close-by town site shows proof of occupation by both the Adena and the later Fort Ancient Cultures. The first motivation behind the hill stays a riddle, however, there is some proof for galactic connections.

The Adena Mansion and Gardens

Situated in Chillicothe, this 2,000-section of the land bequest was once home to the 6th legislative leader of Ohio and one of the state’s previously United States Senators, Thomas Worthington—who is additionally considered by numerous individuals to be the dad of Ohio and the Ohio-Erie Canal.

The Ohio Statehouse

Formally completed in 1847, our excellent state legislative hall is known for its unmistakable rotunda and routinely has visits sorted out by the Ohio Statehouse Museum Education Center.

Lanterman’s Mill

Noteworthy Lanterman’s Mill in Youngstown, Ohio merges a dazzling scene with a cut of history. Initially built in 1845-1846, the gristmill is the third to exist on the site and has been reestablished to indeed crush corn, wheat, and buckwheat into flours sold at the plant shop. Lanterman’s Mill is roosted in a staggering crevasse which gives a sublime climbing open door also.

Mound Cemetery and Mortuary Museum

Even though Mound Cemetery is only one of the chronicled attractions in Marietta, OH, it is an unquestionable requirement for history buffs. It contains two distinct sorts of Native American hills: internment and formal. I generally believed that the hills were just for internment.

The Armstrong Air and Space Museum

The Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio narratives the life of Neil Armstrong and different space travelers as they arranged for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. A visit to the exhibition hall incorporates a 30-minute connecting with film and 4 space test systems.


There is a huge list of Ohio historical places that you must visit if you are nearby to experience the rich cultural history of Ohio.

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