Have You Ever Visited One of These Historical Places

historical places in ireland

In these places you will find evidence of many cultures and traditions. The most renowned ones are the Battle of Aughrim, Claddagh wedding rings. It is believed that these three events happened in the 7th century. There are many other historical places in Ireland too.

Battle of Magadh

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In Galway City you can go to the Battle of Magadh, where there were two sides, each with around a thousand soldiers. This happened in the year of Brian Boru. Another place you should visit is the Battle of Claddagh, which was fought in years 1160. There is a monument in Claddagh that has significance as a memorial for all those who died on that day. In reality it is a long row of heads of several men, who died fighting for their country.

If you visit Galway City you should not miss a visit to Fergie’s grave. It is located in Ballyhackamore and you will get to see where she lived and died. It is very emotional and has a statue of her as well. Fergie rose to stardom after she performed at a concert in Derry in 1984. She went on to become one of the world’s top pop celebrities.

The Battle of Aughrim

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The Battle of Aughrim is another popular tourist attraction. The Battle of Aughrim is one of the oldest battles in the world. It took place in the later part of the thirteenth century and saw several famous Irishmen pitted against the forces of the English. Many of the fighters ended up dying, but the city of Aughrim still stands to this day as a place of pilgrimage.

In terms of arts and culture, Galway City is very proud. There are many cultural events, theatrical performances and plays that are held throughout the year. There are also festivals of food, poetry and music. These festivals are very popular with tourists.

The Bunyip

The Bunyip is a creature that lives in the lakes of Connaught. It is an old, giant, bog-like animal that can be seen all across the lakes. There are many stories surrounding the origins of the Bunyip, but most agree that it is a monster that can be seen lurking in the dark recesses of the lakes. The Bunyip is believed to be a creation of the water that Connaught Lake is located on top of.

One of the most famous bog sites in Ireland is the bog Phinis. It lies on the River Cavan and is thought to have been used by ancient Celtic tribes. It is the burial site of many important figures including St Patrick and possibly King Arthur. Many people visit the bog site for the unique experience of walking on the surface of a lake that never was.

Last Words

There are many historical places in Ireland that people travel to every year. Many people travel to Ireland to see the castles and monasteries. These are some of the most popular things to do. For many people, there is just something about visiting Ireland and its many historical places that they can’t get enough of. It is one of the best kept secrets of Europe.

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