Historical Places In Detroit That You Must Absolutely Visit If You Are In Detroit

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Detroit is a famous motor city known as an incredible place to spend your life with amazing and beautiful monuments, buildings, and museums. Being Detroiters, it is very significant to visit all the historical landmarks that are scattered in the entire city. Check some of the historical places in Detroit that you must explore. 

5 Historical Places In Detroit To Explore Once In A Life

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Historic Fort Wayne 

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The Historic Fort Wayne is from the year 1000 AD, and it played a significant role being a primary induction center for all the Michigan Troops present in every U.S conflict that happened from the Civil War to the Vietnam War. Today, you can easily visit the original 1848 barren building of livestock, the original star fort of 1845, the restored Officer Commanding house, the Spanish American War guard house, an old Native American burial mound, and the exploration of the Tuskegee Airmen Museum. 

Spirit Of Detroit 

This is a famous monument that represents the city which was created by the famous sculptor Marshall Fredericks. The statue is of large bronze that overlooks Woodward Avenue and is known to be the Detroit icon to all those who love this Detroit Motor city and all their acquaintances and people who live in Detroit. 

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant 

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant has a renowned place in history that has a number of cars, which details the success and failures of Henry Food both before and after the famous T Model. Once you explore this famous place on the list of historical places in Detroit, you will have a feeling that you have traveled through time easily while on this superb tour. 

Motown Museum 

Hitsville USA is renowned as Motown’s first headquarters. This place has produced a lot of music for many famous artists like Marvin Gaye, Jackson 5, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, and many other influential musicians. Also, this place houses Michael Jackson’s iconic black fedora with a studded white glove and many significant items related to Motown music. 

Guardian Building 

This guardian building was built in 1928 that proved to be an excellent and magnificent example of Art Deco Architecture. The skyscraper’s facade is absolutely stunning, with a breathless interior that will take your breath all away. The guardian building is a three-story lobby decorated with marvelous and amazing Pewabic and Rookwood tiles, while the color of the building, the ceiling of the building, along the stained glass give the building a cathedral-like feel. 


The above given are the finest and magnificent historical places in Detroit that you must explore at any time once you visit Detroit.

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