Historical Places NYC That You Must Visit

Historical Places Nyc

New York is a city that has a rich historical background. Also, the buildings over here are so well maintained that they look as good as new. But this does not deny the fact that they have a great history behind it. People who are visiting New York or just have been relocated must plan a visit to historical places NYC.

You will be astonished by the grace and elegance of these buildings. Further, you will not be able to resist yourself from admiring the beauty of these elegant places. And we cannot deny the fact that historical places often tend to attract visitors towards it.

Let us know about some of the historical places in NYC through this article.

City Hall Park

A city at night

It is one of the oldest buildings in NYC. Further, it is located in the civic center district of lower Manhattan. Moreover, even after so many years, the city hall still houses its original governmental functions.

In addition to this, the city hall was established in 1700, and it undergoes a rebuilt in 1812. Further, it is a popular place for the locals to relax, have a walk, have their lunch, enjoy the sunrays, and spend some quality time with the people they love.

Ellis Island

A small boat in a body of water

Also known as the gateway to America for over 12 million immigrants, the island is a quick ferry ride away from the lower Manhattan. The national museum of immigration was opened in 1990. Further, the museum is located in the original main building of the immigration station complex.

The most attractive thing about this island is that visitors can view their ancestors’ historical records and even print them out.

St. Paul’s Chapel

People also refer to it as the “The Little Chapel That Stood” it is an Episcopal chapel in lower Manhattan. Further, built-in 1766, it is one of the oldest surviving churches of Manhattan.

Also, it is one of the finest examples of the Late Georgian church architecture. Further, it features a symmetrical design, boxy proportions, and a classical portico. Thus, making it a must-see historical building of NYC.

In addition to this, the building also survived the Great New York Fire of 1776.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

This historical building of NYC is appreciated by many. Especially by WWII history enthusiasts. The museum features American fighter ships and planes onboard a real decommissioned aircraft carrier.

Further, people who are visiting this place can also get a glimpse of how the naval officers lived on the ships as there are hands-on displays of every little thing they used. It also depicts the views of the lower living quarters.


Several buildings in NYC have a historical background. Further, each one of them is built with so much elegance and charm that one cannot differentiate as which one is the best. Thus, if you are planning to visit NYC, then you must give these places a visit. You will instantly fall in love with these buildings.

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