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historical places in philadelphia

Historical places in Philadelphia are as numerous as its people. It is the home of America’s founding fathers and a host of other historical sites and monuments. There is something in Philadelphia that makes visitors come back year after year. The hotels and other accommodations in Philadelphia cater to every need of travelers and families. Families can have fun at a kids birthday party in Philadelphia or visit the various historical sites and monuments to see the past unfold.

Independence Hall

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Independence Hall, where the very first American constitution was written is one of the most important historic sites in Philadelphia. Many events occur there such as Independence Day, First Monday of each month, the Reunion Day Festival and more. This place is the home of the national capitol and contains one of the best plus Independence Day concerts in the United States. This great and famous attraction attracts many people each year as they celebrate our nation’s greatest events.

Another historical and popular visit in Philadelphia would be to the grave site of the leaders of the American revolution. John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are three leaders who made our nation what it is today. The Jefferson grave site is close to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The tourists and visitors are able to walk directly to the Jefferson Memorial and the U.S. Capitol. There is a wonderful audio tour that will take visitors to all three sites.

The Eastern State Penitentiary.


The famous prisoner-of-war prison located in Philadelphia proper is called the Eastern State Penitentiary. The prisoner-of-war prison was used to interrogate enemy soldiers. Today it is known for housing the remaining prisoners of the prison. A great visit to this historical landmark is to visit the inmate-of-war penitentiary and tour the grounds. The state penitentiary was built by former prisoners who are still living there today.

Another popular stop on any vacation to the great city of Philadelphia would be Independence Hall. A visit to this historical landmark allows the tourists and visitors to walk through the very complex and intriguing building. It also allows the kids to get a taste of history. For a great family vacation it is recommended that you include a visit to the Independence Hall with your kids as most hotels have easy access to the area.

Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market is another great stop for the tourist and visitors. The Reading Terminal Market is the oldest continuously operating public market in the world. Visit the market and spend time shopping for books, CDs, DVD’s movies, music and stationery. Many restaurants surround the Reading Terminal Market, so it is possible for the kids to eat while they shop.

Final Words

These are some of the best places to see in Philadelphia. If you are visiting this wonderful city in the state of Pennsylvania then these are the perfect stop for the tourists. The best plus hotel in Phoenix that I could recommend would be the Holiday Inn on Race Street. This is close to all the best Philadelphia attractions and is within walking distance to all the nightlife, restaurants and shopping areas that the city has to offer.

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