India’s Top Destination That Awaits You

India Top Destinations

India is a land of colors and cultures. It would be exceedingly difficult for anybody who is visiting India to decide which place to visit and which to skip. For every state you will go to, you will find people with a different language, culture, history, food, and even the attire is different from what one may see regularly. 

While every place has its charm, it can be difficult to visit all the places. Here is a list of India’s top destinations India that you simply cannot miss. 

Delhi: Except for the fact that Delhi is the political capital of the country, Delhi is known for its history, monuments, and its street food. There are so many historical monuments and gardens built mostly by Mughals for sight-seeing and streets and markets where you can binge eat the city’s famous food. From butter chicken to dal makhani, from kebabs to gol gappas, from samosas to kulfi, Delhi has the best of all!

Agra: The land where one of the 7 wonders of the world is located, Agra is where you see the iconic Taj Mahal. Visited by millions of tourists each year, this beauty is the epitome of love. You can also add Fatehpur Sikri to your list of halts, another example of the Mughal era’s fine architecture. When in Agra, do not forget to try the famous Petha, a sweet dish easily available there. The fact that it has been visited by top celebrities and icons both of Hollywood and Bollywood proves that it is a part of India’s top destinations 

Rajasthan: Known for its forts, palaces, and desert, Rajasthan is a place that is one of its kind. You can find century-old mahals and palaces now converted into luxurious hotels to stay. Some places to visit when in Rajasthan include Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Thar Desert, and Udaipur. Do not forget to try its spicy food and a ride on a camel

Kerala: A complete opposite of Rajasthan, Kerala is where you go when you are looking for beaches and luscious greenery. Famous for its backwaters and picturesque view, Kerala is one of India’s top destinations for tourists. Its weather and cuisine complement its culture and beauty in the perfect way

Amritsar: A city in Punjab, Amritsar has the Golden Temple (Sri Harmandir Sahib), the central place of worship for all the Sikhs. Jalianwala Bagh and Wagah Border are some of the famous tourist stops in Amritsar other than the gurudwara. Also, do not forget to binge eat amazing food and shop for authentic clothes and footwear

Jammu and Kashmir: It has been often said that if there is heaven on earth, it is in Kashmir. One of the most beautiful states of the country, Kashmir is the place you want to visit to see all those mountains and rivers and views that are usually seen in the movie. You will be amazed by its beauty and culture. 

Mumbai: When listing India’s top destinations, Mumbai is a place one cannot ignore. Mumbai’s financial capital is the place where neither the time nor the human ever stops. From its street food to beaches, to hot tourist destinations like Haji Ali, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Mumbai is your place when you look for entertainment and fashion. This where Bollywood resides

While these are just the top destinations, each state and region in India has its beauty that should not be missed. India has been blessed with the best of monuments and palaces and a history full of so many colors and struggles. Every state has its own story to tell, a story that will leave you filled with happiness and proudness. You will end up feeling that each place is India’s top destination.

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