Italy Tourist Places-Top 5 Places To Visit In Italy

italy tourist places

Italy is the birthplace of an iconic culture and Renaissance, which remarkably changed the whole outlook of the entire nation. Filled with rich masterpieces of architecture and art, the location exhibits several renowned structures which are must-visit. Besides being filled with classical monuments and buildings, the destination also showcases beautiful landscapes, lakes, seashores to visit. Take a long vacation and try covering the beautiful site without taking a break. To help you with trip planning, here is the list of top places that come under Italy Tourist Places. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with –

Italy Tourist Places: The Colosseum

A narrow city street with buildings in the background

It is one of the historical amphitheaters which is one of its kind. Massive in its size and built during the Roman Empire, it is one of the significant structures still standing strong. Covered with a wooden board which is 83 by 48 meters the underground stories link the room cells, tunnels, and some passages which actually gave inlets for the gladiators, wild animals, workers, and more.

Next Is Florence Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore Is Next Place You Need To Take A Visit

A church with a clock at the top of Florence Cathedral

It is one of the brilliant cathedrals which represents the talents of the Italian architects. Besides covering the whole skyline of the destination it is one of the notable masterpieces that came into existence in the 13th Century showcasing one of the extraordinary domes all around the world. The cathedral’s bell tower is very near to the Piazza del Duomo which is also structured in the same design of Tusco Romanesque pattern.

Moving Next With Grand Canal In Venice

If you are visiting Italy and missing out the gondola ride, then you are missing something big. Well, as for all the visitors it’s one of the traditions which you need to follow as well. Being one of the largest canals in the world, the Grand Canal was owned by one of the wealthiest families of Venetian Republic. If you looking forward to seeing the Grand Canal, then getting on the Vaporetto ride along the Grand Canal is what you need to do.

Italy Tourist Places: Next Is Lake Como

It’s one of Italy’s loveliest places where you can take some breathtaking shots of the mountains that actually surrounds the lake. The small picturesque village which lines the area is another great look to cherish forever.The area holds several historical places such as villas, palaces, and more that are surrounded by gardens which are open to visitors. Additionally, the beautiful climate is another reason of planning your tour into this lovely scenic location.

Amalfi Coast Is Another Great Location Under Italy Tourist Places

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that exhibits a wonderful shore that walks side by side with the Sorrentine Peninsula which is located south of Naples and Sorrento. The entire hillside town is awesome to look at. Additionally, the city gets built in a cascade manner which slopes down to the sea. You can take a tour down the road or can take a trip on the boats.


Well, these are some of the wonderful destinations that you need to consider visiting this time. Besides being covering the wonderful structures Italy exhibits many quaint places to trip down . The list includes two amazing landscapes which are sure to mesmerize you undoubtedly. Well, plan your trip now to visit this destination soon.

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