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A little glow on the face or a shine on the cheeks reflects the physical aspects of the personality. It is quite a known fact that people who like to dress up and apply a little makeup tend to have better confidence in themselves. Applying a little makeup not only hides the blemishes of the face but at the same provides the necessary courage to go out and present yourself. Sometimes makeup help in finding the best job or the best partner. Men and women who give importance to their physical appearance are more likely to achieve success faster than those who don’t.

Makeup is not everything, but a little of it can make wonders happen. So, carrying a small lipstick or face powder is not that troublesome. But many people often find it difficult to carry makeup items from place to place. This portable cosmetic and accessory bag is the solution to this problem.

Portable Cosmetic and Accessory Bag

Times have changed. Nowadays makeup is not just for women but for anyone who wants to apply it. Be it a man, woman, or a queer, we have makeup requirements for everyone. The biggest problem that arises is traveling with makeup. Face towels, hand towels, brushes, face powders, hair conditioners and shampoos, face cream, etc. are some of the common items. With this product, one can easily move around keeping the makeup items. It has enough space to keep all the essential items. The small size of this product makes it ideal to be used for gateways and travel. One can keep other accessories as well like books and documents while traveling. It has a cute and engaging appearance which will add to your overall appearance. This product is an excellent addition to travel bags.

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  • Main Material Polyester
  • Item Length 38cm
  • Style Fashion
  • Pattern Type Cartoon
  • Shape Box
  • Item Type Cosmetic Cases
  • Item Width 28cm
  • Material Composition Polyester
  • Item Height 10cm
  • Item Weight 0.2kg
  • Model Number A042
  • Closure Type zipper
  • Color Sky blue ,Pink,Blue
  • Wholesale Support
  • Dropshiping service Support
  • EXCEL file order processing Support
  • Using pictures and products Support
  • Style 1 Boarding Bag
  • Style 2 Luggage Clothing Trolley Case
  • Style 3 Finishing Package
A woman holding a bag of luggage


  • This product can be easily carried anywhere due to its small and compact size.
  • Different accessories like books, papers, documents, etc can also be kept.
  • This product is ideal for small travel journeys.
  • This product has a small hand handle that makes it easy to carry around.
  • It is a great addition to the overall look of the person.
  • It is a great bag for college-going students.
A person holding a suitcase


  • This is not ideal for professional makeup artists because of limited space and compartments.
  • It does not have a shoulder bag strap.


Carrying a bag around can be sometimes a problematic thing. Many people have the habit of leaving and forgetting their bags here and there. So, one must be careful while traveling with a lot of bags. Keeping the stuff in the bag should be done after analyzing all the needs. This helps in avoiding extra things and reduces the weight of the luggage.

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