Los Angeles Tourist Attractions – What To See On Your Visit To The City

los angeles tourist attractions

On Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese Theatre shows off celebrities, hand-delivered portraits and famous footprints, the Hollywood Sign honour thousands of luminaries annually and vendors selling unique map books sell maps to famous stars. A combination of movie magic and Hollywood glamour, Los Angeles is an ideal location to plan a family holiday. But it is also a wonderful place to find the right hotel, from a range of locations.

Theme Parks In Los Angeles

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If you have long been a fan of Disney World or Disneyland, you will not want to miss the Los Angeles theme parks. The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center and Disney MGM Studios are all major attractions in this part of town. Epcot centers on the theme of “fifty years of innovation”, displaying everything from Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse to collectible figurines from around the world. At the Contemporary Arts Center, a modern art gallery and museum, visitors can see famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch and more. The Magic Kingdom provides access to a large number of rides and games, while at the Contemporary Arts Center you can experience art within the theme parks.

Another popular destination is the Hollywood Studios theme park, which has four themed attractions. At Hollywood Studios, families can take part in the Hollywood Studios Theme Park as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The other two attractions are both located in the Valley of the Dolls. The Disney MGM Studios is a contemporary interpretation of a classic theme park, featuring two themed attractions: The Great Movie Collection and The Adventures of Mickey. Both of these attractions offer exciting rides and plenty of in-park shopping, along with the opportunity to meet cast members and get autographs.

Universal Studios

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Universal Studios is another great place to check out when you are taking the family to Los Angeles. Universal Studios is perhaps the most iconic theme park in the entire world. It offers several massive attractions based around a universal theme. Some of the common rides include: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Cars Land, The Fast and the Furious, Islands of Adventure and The Islands of Adventure – Trekkonaut Island. Of course, there are also several other rides that provide entertainment as well as sight seeing at Universal Studios.

The Museum Of Contemporary Art

Another attraction worth visiting while you are in town for the holidays is the Museum of Contemporary Art. This is the second largest museum in the city, housing some 2 million artifacts and collections of art. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a great place to take the family because it offers dining options, coffee shops, babysitting services and even has a television studio. Another reason to visit this location is because there is an incredible series of nightclubs. If you are looking for a nightclub that offers live music and dancing along with an eclectic line up of musicians from local Los Angeles area talent, the Glamorous West Hollywood is a must see.

Final Words

Another great stop on your Los Angeles tourist attractions vacation would be the famous Monica Glacier. This tourist attraction sits near the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most photographed locations in the entire state. You will certainly want to take some time out of your visit to take in this beautiful sight. Although it can get very hot during the summer months, it remains cool enough for the tourist crowd, so take your camera and snap some pictures of this beautiful place during your stay in the area.

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