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melbourne tourist places

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in Australia. It is home to the “Adelaide Highway”, one of the world’s most scenic interstates. Other important Melbourne tourist places include the Melbourne Zoo, Royal Botanic Gardens, Flinders Street, and Joseph Reed. The Melbourne Harbor Bridge, modeled after the English Channel, is another highly visited tourist destination. Travelers in this part of Australia appreciate the spectacular views of the waterfront, including the Swan River and the Yarra River. Victoria Barracks, the distinctive glass and steel edifices that house the national government office and parliament are also located in this region.

Awesome Mansions

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The stately mansions of Melbourne attract thousands of visitors to its attractive suburbs each year. There are many other interesting tourist places in and around Melbourne. If you are planning a trip to the city, you have the option to go either inside the Melbourne city center or venture outside. Here is a brief guide of some of Melbourne’s popular attractions and points of interest.

The oldest railway station in Australia is William Ricketts Square, which attracts both local and visitor traffic. Its prime attraction is the preserved carriage clock, which has four legs, and a glass window on the top. The Victorian State Library and Museum are a significant attraction for any visitor to Melbourne, as it contains an extensive collection of Victorian period photographs, prints, engravings, and ceramics. Other important places within Melbourne include the Victoria Barracks, National Park, Flinders street, King’s College, and the National Museum. Image source: Flickr/cc-ross.


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Another most popular tourist destination is Melbourne Zoo. Image source: Flickr/cc-ross. This is Australia’s oldest and largest zoo, which serves as one of the leading attractions of Melbourne. It is located at the heart of the city, on Royal Park. Other suggested reading: Places of Attraction in Melbourne, Australia

Dining in Melbourne offers visitors a wide variety of dishes, from Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Italian cuisines. However, most foodies recommend a visit to the well-known “Oriental buffet” at the Victoria Barracks, which serves authentic Chinese food starting from five pm every day. This Oriental buffet is open daily, and its opening hours are generally fixed by Palace management. Other places of entertainment include the Theatre Royal, which showcases Melbourne productions, ranging from musicals to comedy shows, films, operas, and more.

Melbourne Museum is Australia’s oldest and largest museum. Image source: Flickr/cc-ross. Considered as one of the best tourist attractions in the country, Melbourne Museum has various exhibitions and events throughout the year. Its proposed opening hours have not yet been decided, but the suggested reading is that the venue will remain open till the end of time. Other places of interest in this museum are the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, and the Victoria Barracks.

Melbourne Aquarium is another recommended read for those interested in marine life. It is Australia’s largest aquarium, housing more than two thousand animals, including around two hundred coral reefs. The Melbourne Aquarium has different shows, such as Under the Sea World and the Underwater Zoo. Other places of entertainment in this area include the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, Dinnerbone’s Barnyard, and even the Shedleys Beach.

Hot Spring & Gardens

The hot spring is also one of the most popular places to visit in Melbourne. The natural hot spring, known as Olgas, is located at Point Doutly and is surrounded by several natural springs. Its impressive beauty makes it a popular place to take photographs and get relaxation at the same time.

Another recommended read is Melbourne’s Public Gardens. This is one of the largest public gardens in Australia and covers fourteen acres of land. Its main attraction is the Rosemary Hall, which houses a famous Australian drama, Death of a Salesman. Other popular places in this area are the Melbourne Museum and the National Park.

Cultural events are also a big part of the city’s history. Melbourne has an International Festival of Arts, Melbourne Fringe Festival, and several other cultural events. Its suggested reading is a tour on Melbourne tours, which details the best places to go and see in Melbourne. Other suggested places of entertainment in Melbourne are the Royal Botanic Gardens, Flinders Street, National Park, and the Melbourne Zoo.


For those who want to spend more time in sight-seeing cities, Melbourne is also home to some of the best nightlife zones in Australia. It has some of the best bars and nightclubs in the world. Some of the popular places that host some of the world’s hottest music and dance lines are Fabric, Barista, Temptations, and Vinyl. So if you are looking for one of the best places to spend your weekend, it would be better to read a Melbourne tourist guide, which lists down the opening hours of each of these popular places, as well as other information about Melbourne.

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