Memorable Pennsylvania Historical Places

Pennsylvania Historical Places

Everyone loves to visit and explore new places. Visiting different places rejuvenates a person’s mind and body, and it becomes more exciting when you get to learn about the history of any particular place. One such place is Pennsylvania historical places. There are various Pennsylvania historical places where you can visit and explore histories like Erie, Gettysburg, and many more. 

Various Outstanding Pennsylvania Historical Places

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Independence Hall 

Independence hall is present in Philadelphia’s old city. Initially, Independence hall was known as Pennsylvania State House. This place is one of the most historical places out of Pennsylvania historical places. It is because the adoption of the Declaration of Independence was here. 


Gettysburg is a town in Pennsylvania. The bloodiest civil war took place in Gettysburg National Battlefield and is now part of Gettysburg National Military Park. This park also consists of the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center. 

The Liberty Bell 

The liberty bell was also known as the State House bell or Old State House Bell and was commissioned in 1752. This bell is currently located in Independence National Historical Park. During its arrival in Philadelphia, the bell cracked for the first time.

Fort Ligonier 

To the east of Pittsburgh, the small borough of Ligonier is situated. Fort Ligonier was built in 1758 and was used until 1766. However, this place is now open for visitors after its renovation. Moreover, there is a three-day festival every October. Due to remembrance of the motive behind the fort’s construction. 

Johnstown Flood Museum 

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Johnstown is located in the middle of Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. The fascinating place in the city is the Johnstown Flood Museum. This museum was made in memory of the 22,000 people that lost their lives during the South Fork Dam collapse. 

Valley Forge

During the time of the revolutionary war, the British force captured Philadelphia. Valley Forge is just 19 miles away from Philadelphia, where General George Washington spent winters with almost 12,000 soldiers. During your visit to Valley Forge, you will see the headquarters of General George Washington. In this park, one can also perform Hiking, fishing, and many other activities. It is a must-visit place for history buffs. 

Flight 93 National Memorial 

The hijacking of 4 planes took place on 11th September 2001. Luckily passengers and the crew of one of those planes stopped the terrorist from reaching their target. It is a symbol of honor for the brave passengers and the crew of Flight 93. Stoystown, Pennsylvania, consists of this masterpiece. 

The Duquesne Incline 

The Duquesne Incline is one of the best places to enjoy mesmerizing views in the city of Pittsburgh. Its height is 122m, and the length is 244m. Its angle of inclination is 30°. The most attractive part of this place is that the three river valleys in Pittsburgh are visible from the top of The Duquesne Incline. You should definitely visit this place during your trip to Pennsylvania historical places. 


While you plan a trip to Pennsylvania, you should definitely visit all the above-mentioned places. Also, enhance your knowledge about Pennsylvania historical places.

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