Must See Historical Places in Kentucky

historical places in kentucky

The historic places in Kentucky that I love most are those that I have visited or been to recently. Some of my fond places there include the Antietro Hotel and Museum, the Kentucky State Museum and Historic Kentucky Gardens & Parks. When I was in Kentucky, I took the Bluegrass Sculpture Walk in downtown Lexington. Here is what I love about this place.

The Antietro Hotel And Museum

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One of the most popular destinations in Kentucky is the Antietro Hotel and Museum. It is located on the banks of the Kentucky River just across the street from the Kentucky State House. The museum is housed in an old renovated hotel that is one of the few structures remaining from the original buildings constructed in undecorated Kentucky. The hotel has one of the best views of downtown Lexington. The hotel offers tours of the city and other attractions, and is a great place to go for a quiet getaway.

The Kentucky State Museum

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One of the best museums in Kentucky is the Kentucky State Museum. It is located on the campus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington. This museum is one of the best preserved landmarks on campus. The museum features four major collections: the Kentucky History Museum, the William Claypole House, the Louisville Zoo and Memorial Museum, and the Kentucky Science Museum. This museum is perfect for students because it offers hands-on experience with the artifacts.


This is another one of the many historical places in Kentucky. Frankfort has been called “The Gateway to Appalachia,” because it is at the crossroads between the Mississippi and the Kentucky rivers. There were three American Revolution battles that took place here. Many of the houses that are now landmarks have been restored and visitors can tour these wonderful historical places. There are also many beautiful gardens to see.


Russellville is another historical destination. This town was among the first established European settlers in what is now Kentucky. It became a major cotton production center during the Civil War. The structure of this town and the beautiful scenery around it make it one of the most popular destinations for tourists. There are many tourist attractions including the historic Courtyard Station Hotel. There are also many beautiful art galleries to peruse.


Hazard is another Kentucky historical destination worth seeing. This town was one of the early “steel cities” in America. It is one of the sites where the Wright Brothers set off the Wright Brothers flight that later become the world famous route across the United States.

Bottom Line

These are but a few of the historical attractions that make Kentucky truly unique. There are so many more historical places in Kentucky that will be enjoyable for travelers and historians alike. All they need to do is travel around the state. Their visit will surely reveal even more. This is their chance to get close to the past.

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