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The state capital is one of the most historic sites in all of Louisiana, and it is found in the small city of New Orleans. Many historical places in Louisiana are found in the area that is known as being the “Dixie Thirties” or the ” Razorbone River counties.” These areas are considered to be the starting point for many of the American traditions that we have today. Two of these great historical places in Louisiana are the Rock and Horse Rock Camp and the Bishop Arts Center.

The Rock and Horse Rock Camp is located on land that once belonged to the Wampanoag Indians. There are many stories that have been written about this early American reservation that has a great amount of history within it. Many of the original Carmelites that are used to make these dishes are still around today. The rock chapel is still in use today as a museum. You will find plenty of exhibits here about the early natives of the state. This museum also offers activities for children to enjoy.

Historical Places In Louisiana

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The Bishop Arts Center is located on land that once belonged to the Wampanoag Indians. The original Wampanoag chapel was built centuries ago by the first US Bishop. The Bishops Arts Center exhibits an original floor plan of the beautiful chapel that has a great deal of history within it. There is a statue of Our Lady of Paphos, the mother of Emperor Nero Caesar, within the chapel.

Lafayette Parish is another great location to visit if you enjoy history. The parish is very rich in historical significance. The parish was among the first to find America when they found gold in the Mississippi River. The history within this parish is often divided up into two sections; the French Creeds with their language to French, and the Acadian heritage that made their food and lives here very rich. The French Creeds consist of many of the songs written for our national holiday, while the Acadians made some of the furniture and most of the clothing that we use today.

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Two other popular historical places to visit are the Louisiana Historical Society and the Louisiana Family Museum. Society will give visitors a chance to see actual relics from past generations. Visitors can also find some interesting books on local history. The museum is home to one of the largest collections of cultural arts in the entire world. There are also interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn more about local history. These exhibits will also be a great place for children to learn more about the history of their state.

Louisiana Travel Services is another great resource for people who enjoy historical places. They have many options available for vacationers to make the most of their trip. The company can arrange airfare, accommodations, and tours to many of the historical places in Louisiana. The services can also arrange travel insurance to protect the visitor’s financial investment.

Louisiana is rich in culture. There are so many ways to experience the rich history of this state. Visiting is not only a popular choice, it is also an affordable choice. Vacations to all these popular and historical places in Louisiana are some of the best vacations that a family can take.

Bottom Line

The activities and events in Louisiana can make any tourist’s stay memorable. Louisiana is a state full of historical places that are breathtakingly beautiful. When taking a trip to the state, there is so much to do and see that visitors will never be bored. From historical museums to outdoor activities, there is so much to do in Louisiana.

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