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The last quarter of the 19th century has seen America become a powerhouse of global influence, political clout, and economic strength. In the past half decade, America has been one of the largest and most vibrant economies in the world, consistently outshining its economic competitor, China. The U.S. has a land mass that covers all of the continental United States except for the District of Columbia. The U.S.A is now a very politically divided country, with many states feeling the effect of polarized politics and citizens opposing the federal government. As recently seen in the presidential election, many states feel the divide could fracture the nation further.

Land Of Opportunity

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The U.S.A is often referred to as being a land of opportunity. With the most widely-educated population in the world, the U.S. has been an educational leader throughout the generations. The southern states of the U.S., which have traditionally been less favored by the media and less tolerant towards immigrants, have created a strong political clout. Strategically placed to influence the rest of the world, the southerners have always enjoyed a strong hand politically. Southern states, including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia all vote overwhelmingly for the losing presidential candidate more than any other state in the union.

Another area that enjoys a strong presence politically and socially is Hollywood, where movies and television shows are made and distributed by multinational corporations. One of the most popular international films of the 21st century, “ependence” was shot in the state of Louisiana. Many popular U.S. cities feature locations for filming a film or television show, making these cities a hot tourist destination

Majestic Natural Beauty

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As the northernmost state in the union,

The Midwest is home to many popular places to visit. Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ohio are all Midwestern states. While visitors to these states may be

National Parks

While visitors to the United States may enjoy some of the historic places they can see in the National Parks, they may also want to spend some time in another popular area of the world. Visitors to Italy may enjoy some of the world-famous pasta. While pasta may not be on anyone’s must-do list when traveling to Italy, there is no doubt that the food is delicious and satisfying. Italy is also a popular destination for couples looking to experience some of the romantic aspects of traveling abroad.

Finally, no trip to the United States can be categorized as truly American if it does not include a stop in Las Vegas. The town of Sin City is probably most well-known for being a gambling haven, but tourists may also look forward to seeing the shopping options in this area. Shoppers will find some of the largest retailers in the world here, including some of the most popular names in fashion, electronics, books, and clothing. Of course, tourists will probably not find any of the more popular attractions while touring this area. However, even if you do not plan on visiting Las Vegas, it is still a popular place to visit and many of the popular places Americans visit can also be found in Las Vegas.

Last Words

There are a number of other popular destinations for Americans to visit throughout the world. A trip to Europe or even a trip to Asia are always popular. Whether Americans travel to Europe for a special vacation or just to visit friends who are from other countries, they will find a world-class vacation spot to make their visit to the United States memorable. While many tourists may only think about where they are going to have a good time during their trip to the U.S., they should also think about how they are getting there. When tourists are prepared ahead of time, they will be able to have a truly unforgettable vacation experience no matter where they go.

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