Popular Tourist Destinations in the United States

tourist attractions in usa

If you’re planning a trip to the United States, it’s wise to know what your priorities are as far as tourist attractions go. The US is a huge country of fifty states spanning a wide sweep of North America, from the north to the south and east to the west. Major Atlantic Coast metropolitan areas are New York, with its international finance and cultural flair, and capital Washington, DC, and rival Los Angeles, Hollywood, is known for its entertainment and iconic architecture. Midwestern metropolises like Chicago, Minneapolis and St Louis also enjoy strong tourism dollars. And even smaller U.S. state like New Mexico have their share of tourism-oriented destinations.

As far as tourist attractions go, there’s no better place to start than Las Vegas. Situated in the Sin City of the West, Las Vegas has been known to host some of the biggest entertainment shows in the world, and hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Other major tourist draws are Treasure Island, the Grand Canyon, and Hoover Dam.

An Overview

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The list of U.S. states where tourists frequent is equally long and is dominated by Midwestern and Atlantic states such as Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The only true ‘rogue’ state is Rhode Island, which are not only home to the unrivaled Mount Cranberry, but also boasts of a unique zest for the wild. As you would expect, New England, New York and Pennsylvania to round out the top ten. A few of the more unusual tourist attractions in these northern states include the Bed & Breakfast, an inn that has been around since 1700, the Penobscot Indian pottery found in Connecticut and the National Mall, the Washington National Cathedral and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Popular Tourist Spots

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Florida is perhaps one of the best-known destinations for tourist attractions. Its warm southern hospitality is most popular among tourists from northern Europe, Australia and Asia. There are many world-famous tourist attractions in Florida, including the Disney World Resort and Universal Studios, the Everglades and the Jacksonville Zoo. Orlando is also a very popular destination, especially with families. Many films have been shot here, including the Pirates of the Caribbean and the remake of Shrek.

California, which is often referred to as the Golden State, is one of the world’s most-visited tourist attractions. The Golden State features Hollywood, the San Francisco Bay and the world-famous wine country of Napa Valley. San Francisco is one of the state’s most popular cities and boasts many popular tourist attractions, including the Embarcadero, the Pier, the Golden Gate Bridge and the streets below the Golden Gate Bridge.

Texas is another popular destination for tourists to the United States. A number of world-famous cities can be found here, including Dallas, Houston and Austin. The Texas attractions are varied and include the Sea World, Six Flags Magic Mountain and the Hobby Lobby. In fact, it is the Lone Star State that is home to one of the largest collections of theme parks in the world.

The Final Few Spots Worth Mentioning

Florida offers tourists a place to stay whilst they are on holiday in the U.S. Orlando and Tampa are very popular, while a number of sightseeing attractions can be found in Miami. Orlando has a large Disney World Theme Park and Universal Studios Theme Park. Florida’s largest city, Ft. Lauderdale, is well known for its numerous beaches. Beach culture is prominent in this area and you will find a number of popular nightclubs and bars.

New York is another popular destination for tourists to the U.S.A. Here, you can visit the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks. New York City is full of both historic attractions and modern attractions, which mean that there are plenty of options for people who wish to visit the city.

There are many other tourist attractions in the U.S. The newest ones include attractions based on Star Trek. The U.S.S.R offers trips to such planets as Mars and Jupiter. There are also many places for tourists to go to Russia.

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