Popular Tourist Places in Philadelphia

tourist places in philadelphia

This diverse city contains some of America’s most popular attractions, from the Liberty Bell to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the famous Zoo and Fish House, just a short distance away on South Street. It is also home to a number of cultural institutions, including universities and colleges, as well as numerous churches.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is noted for its rich history, celebrated at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other important American Revolutionary sites. Also iconic are the numerous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, once immortalized by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. The Museum itself is a marvel of art and craftsmanship, and a must-see for all. The Fish House, or Paolo’s Fish House as it is affectionately called, is a marvel of modern innovation, with the only “fish-filled” house in all of North America. It is a delight for the children and the grown-ups.

Host To A Number Of Museums

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If you enjoy arts and culture, you will be pleased at the many attractions and activities that will fulfill your interests and take you on a trip through the city’s past. Philadelphia is host to a number of museums dedicated to various periods of American history. One of these is the First Presbyterian Church, designed by renowned architect Benjamin Franklin. Another highlight is the preserved remains of the Civil War at Philadelphia’s Historic Philly District. There are also museums dedicated to art and music, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, dedicated to the careers of both contemporary and classical artists.

While visiting the museums, one should not forget the natural beauty of Philadelphia, which is one of the greatest cities in the United States. One can go on a walking tour of the city to view all its amazing nature sites and tourist attractions. Among the best known ones are the Delaware Park, the butterfly sanctuary, and the Delaware Bay. There are also the zoo grounds, the Delaware Memorial and the Great Salt Lake. There is nothing more beautiful than a trip on the Delaware River, which connects Philadelphia to New Jersey.

The Monuments And Other Historical Places

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Visiting the monuments and other historical places is an exciting experience in itself. One can visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, the Fort Mason in New York, and the Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. These and many more can be explored while taking in some sightseeing tours of Philadelphia. There are also great shopping malls in this city. The shopping in Philadelphia really gets going at night.

Food is one of the most popular tourist places in Philadelphia. A variety of restaurants can be found here from Indian to Italian, as well as American and Jewish. The best restaurants are found in Center City and along the Delaware River. There are also the Bella Square in West Philadelphia, and the Piazza di Spagna in North Philadelphia.

Cultural Events

Vacationers looking for cultural events can also find many shows in Philadelphia. There is the Philauster Opera House, and the Franklin Institute for the Arts. Tourists can also visit Temple University, and the Graduate Institute of International and Mediterranean Studies. This city also has its museums that offer art galleries and displays of different cultures.

The food festivals of the city to keep it one of the most talked about tourist places in the world. There are great food dishes at these events.

Final Words

Other events like the Democratic National Convention, and the Republican National Convention attract people from all over the world. The summer is a good time to visit Philadelphia. Between July and August, the temperature is moderate, but the summer is the time when people really come to enjoy the warm weather.

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