Singapore Tourist Attractions – Get To Know The Best In Singapore

singapore tourist attractions

Singapore is a small country located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. It is one of the busiest and most developed tourist destinations in the world. It is a beautiful place that has everything to offer its visitors be it adventure, excitement or relaxation. Here we have listed some of the Singapore tourist attractions.


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This is the best known as a paradise on earth. Sentosa is a popular tourist destination for its wide range of tourist attractions. The best places to visit here are the Sentosa Beach, Underwater World and the Sentosa Marine Park. Other than these there are several other attractions to visit in this place like the Casino and the Universal Studios.

Little India – It is the Little India of Singapore. It is basically a mini-state within a state in the form of a village. It is famous for its wide range of Singapore tourist attractions like the Night Safari, Little India Shopping Centre and Chinatown. Singapore Chinese Garden and Temples are also some of the best places in Singapore to spend your holidays. There are also the Bazaars and several shopping malls, which showcase the rich culture and tradition of this tiny state in the form of its cuisine, festivals and traditions.

Marina Bay Sands

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This is an international favorite among the tourists of Singapore. The best part about Marina Bay Sands is that it has something for everyone. There are water sports for those who want to spend their days swimming and snorkeling. Apart from these there are various other attractions such as Sentosa beach, Marina Bay Sands Casino and several entertainment centres like the Chinese Theatre and the Singapore Art Museum.

Marina Bay is another attraction in Singapore which is worth visiting. This is the largest floating casino in the world. Apart, from gambling there are other activities that you can enjoy here like fishing, surfing, jet skiing and even parasailing if you are so inclined. There are also boat rides offered by the sendosa island. This is one of the best Singapore tourist attractions as you can spend almost all day on the island and still not get bored.

Chinatown And Little India

The people of Singapore originated from the region of India called the princely states of backward India. Over time these people migrated to the inhospitable lands of north-east Asia and settled down in the port city of Singapore, where they established their civilization. One of the best attractions of Singapore is the lively nightlife, which you can enjoy at the many bars and restaurants which are dotted all over Singapore. You can spend hours at one of the many eateries or pubs of the Chinatown and enjoy a traditional Indian dinner.


Other than these there are also many other tourist attractions in Singapore, which are spread all across the country. They include the Sentosa Island, which is only 2 square kilometers away from the central part of the city center. There are a number of luxury resorts and hotels which are well renowned around the island and are very popular among the tourists. Apart from these there are the Sentosa Racecourse and the Marina Bay Sands Casino Complex which are also very popular among the tourists.

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