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Tourist places in Spain are not only sightseeing destinations. They offer an experience that is unique in Europe. Spain, a geographically diverse country on the Iberian Peninsula, has 17 autonomous areas with different climates, culture and geography. Madrid is home to both the Royal Palace and Prado Museum, housing major works by Spanish masters. Seville also has an impressive medieval fortress (Alcazar) and an intact Roman underground aqueduct.

An Overview

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Barcelona is one of the most famous destinations in Spain and is regarded as the gateway to the Costa del Sol. The city attracts tourists looking for unusual things to see in Spain. One of the main attractions in this part of Spain is the Sagrada Familia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It houses one of the four great towers that constitute the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia, also known as “Paseo de Gracia”.

Catedra de Santa Fe is one of the main attractions in Ceballos. This ancient settlement, located in the south-eastern coast of the peninsula, attracts visitors who like to visit strange cathedrals and winding narrow streets. It is also one of the main places to go to if you love dancing. The main attractions of Catedra de Santa Fe include the Market Square, the Catedral Terrace and the Catedral Terre. If you want to spend your vacation with great views of the sea and the surroundings, choose to stay in the apartment of the Paseo de Gracia.


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The city of Seville is known as the “Roman Amphitheatre of the South”. Seville has many beautiful buildings that include a very popular stadium and the Roman Theatre. The other important attractions of Seville include the Gothic quarter, the eleventh-century chateau of the diocese of Seville and the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. The best tourist attractions and places to visit in Spain to watch sunsets are the Granada Cathedral, the Royal Theater and the Royal Castle.

Sierra Nevada is situated in the north-west of Spain. It is a beautiful resort town that is also popular for its romantic beaches. The best places to explore in Sierra Nevada are the beach of Calahonda and the golden sandy beaches of Nerja. The towns have many different churches and other impressive buildings.

Best Places To Visit

Cartagena is one of the best places to see and discover in Spain. Cartagena was under the control of the Roman Empire and is now home to a wonderful Roman architectural heritage. Some of the most famous attractions in Cartagena are the Catacombs of Cartagena, the fountain of Cartagena and the Roman theatre. The medieval town of Mijas is also home to some amazing attractions. Mijas boasts a huge museum filled with works of local artists. Other popular main attractions in Cartagena include the cathedral, the bull fighting arena and the ancient town center.

Tenerife has some very unusual things to see and do. The Canary Islands are located off the coast of Tenerife bordering the Caribbean Sea. There are many unusual things to do in Tenerife including enjoying the beautiful beaches on the south coast. There are also many unusual tourist attractions and places to see in Tenerife. Some of the famous attractions in Tenerife are the Playa de las Teresitas (bay of trees) and the Playa de la Playa (slide park). Other Spanish attractions in Tenerife include Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Playa Blanca and the village of Calella.


Barcelona is another great tourist destination in Spain and the second largest city in the country. Barcelona enjoys a tropical climate and lots of daytime activities. Other tourist destinations in Spain include the towns of Almeria and Mallorca which are near the Barcelona area. Other tourist attractions in Spain include the beaches of La Barra and La Camera, the village of Plaza de Catalunya, the village of Ordilla de Palinquero, the village of Torremolinos and the towns of Granada, Leila and Seville.

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