Things To Do And See In Lake Atitlan In 2019

Things To Do Io Lake Atitlan In 2019

Lake Atitlan is one of the most attractive lakes in the world, as well as the astonishing volcanoes that act as a background, are a significant cause for this. A transcendental, freshwater lake, Lake Atitlán offers supreme natural beauty situated in a huge volcanic crater. A huge volcanic eruption that occurred thousands of years ago created this deepest lagoon in Central America. It was created due to a huge volcanic eruption that happened thousands of years ago and it’s one of the deepest lagoons in Central America.

Things To Do And See In Lake Atitlan In 2019

Volcano San Pedro In Atitlan

Volcano San Pedro is an essential visit mountain sitting on the shorelines of Lake Atitlan. This volcano reaches unbelievably to 3020 meters above sea level. Once at the topmost, you can enjoy delightful Lake Atitlan panorama. The iconic lake greets you with its beautiful views.

Visit Towns By Boat In Atitlan

The travel industry in Lake Atitlán is mainly because of the lakes that are surrounded by charming cities. Contemporary Guatemalan lives mix with old-style Mayan cultures toward filling the streets adjacent to the lake with past, energy as well as facilities for travelers.

Some cities are very touristy and advanced, and some towns are silent, with very few travelers as well as a genuine Mayan atmosphere.

Nature Reserve

One of the charms inside is a Butterfly Geodome, which aids butterflies to grow as well as flourish in a safe atmosphere. Butterfly Geodome is the major jewels inside which aides butterflies to grow and flourish in a safe atmosphere.

Things To Do And See In Lake Atitlan In 2019


Lake Atitlan is home to whatever arguably the world’s most attractive, perspective varying as well as life is altering sunsets in the world. There is somewhat about the blend of the light reflecting off the water plus the volcano shapes in the truly remarkable background.


Kayaking appears to be the number one action in Lake Atitlan while you look at tourist guides. It’s easy to see why. The sight of the volcanoes from the water is entirely stunning. The most beautiful time to go out is sunrise or sunset. Though it wasn’t entirely likely for us with actually young kids, another choice is a boat trip, and hotels can help in organizing.

Mayan Highlands

If you are in search of an exciting and reliable cultural experience that is going to push you physically, this is the trip for you! You will be hiking through the Mayan Highlands. So be warned there will not be many Spanish talkers, let alone English speakers. If you could learn a few words in K’iche, it would go down well through the locals.

Sunset Cruise In Atitlan

Panajachel has the most beautiful view of the sunset among all the cities in Lake Atitlan. There are perpetual weekend cruises. If you are kind of adventurous, speak a bit of Spanish and have some tremendous bargain skills, can lead you at one of the docks! You’ll find the most beautiful sunsets during December and February. Other months of the year, it is rainy, or it gets hazy by late afternoon.


Guatemala gives you a lot of amazing chances to enjoy. You’ll have a great time enjoying the natural beauty of Lake Atitlan along with the Mayan culture.

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