San Pedro, Belize-Things To Do That You Will Never Forget

Unforgettable Things To Do In San Pedro Belize

Located in the north of Ambergris Caye, Belize is heavenly perfect for an escape. This is the home to the world’s 2nd biggest reef system. We have put together a direction for the greatest things to do in San Pedro Belize!  

The Great Blue Hole In San Pedro, Belize

This is a voyage we were all extremely keen to experience. The Great Blue Hole is one of the foremost reasons that excite seekers and divers. Adorned a World Inheritance Site in 1996, this enigmatic huge blue area continues to be the most experienced! 

The Blue Hole is around a 2-hour boat journey from Ambergris Caye, one way.  The trip can be extended if seas are rough.  Because of this distance, there is the least number of divers that should be on each trip in order to complete the distinct number of trips on a specific day.

San Pedro, Belize-Things To Do That You Will Never Forget

Snorkel in Hol Chan Marine Reserve And Shark Ray Alley

One of my favorite activities from the entire trip was swimming through the Hol Chan Marine Preserve. Situated a few miles off to the shoreline of San Pedro, this is a MUST do the action.  Hol Chan Marine Reserve has the maximum incredible water creatures and clear water for snorkeling and diving. It is the second biggest reef in the world! San Pedro is situated at the southern tip of the aisle, but most of the central, as well as northern end, is undeveloped, creating it an ideal place for spotting birds and ethnic wildlife. There is an extreme depth of nine meters in this region, however, the visibility is outstanding at any level. 

Secret Beach

 The Secret Beach is 40 to 60 minutes away from the mid of San Pedro Belize and is not extensively a secret.

Well-known for its crystal blue water, beautiful beaches, scuba diving, and snorkeling, Ambergris Caye is the megastar destination in Belize. Ambergris Caye not only has endless beauty but is also the perfect vacation destination.

The excessive thing around the Secret Beach is that it is not excessively commercialized. You will not be alone, however, neither will it be so crowded. You will find something for everyone over there. Pamper in water sports, a bite of Belizean food as well as have a drink or else just only relax on the beach itself.

San Pedro, Belize-Things To Do That You Will Never Forget

 The Truck Stop In San Pedro Belize

The Truck Stop is similar to a marketplace with a number of food trucks. They serve pleasant food from diverse cuisines. In the nightfall, there is frequently a band and a cozy atmosphere.

Rent A Golf Cart

There are barely any cars on Ambergris Caye, golf carts are the foremost means of transport. We giggled so much when we were cruising around the whole island and it made it easy for us to see a big part of the aisle in a single day.


San Pedro Belize is home to numerous exuberant carnivals through the year, including a raucous Festival, a Lobster fest in June, and the Worldwide Costa Maya Fiesta in August, a week-long blend beauty pageant, street fair, in addition, to live music concert.

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