Tikal: The Most Well-known Mayan Ruins In Guatemala

Tikal: The Most Well-known Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Tikal National Park dates back to thousands of years. It is an immense archaeological site with thousands of visitors adoring its beauty. It has so much historic importance that there is no astonishment it is a UNESCO world inheritance site. This is one of the maximum widespread places to visit in Guatemala.

Thus if you feel like wandering in the forest in search of antique temples, Tikal is the right place for it.

Tikal: The Most Well-known Mayan Ruins in Guatemala
Tikal: The Most Well-known Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

The Grand Plaza

Grand Square is the most remarkable area of the whole complex. There are numerous ceremonial structures in the North Acropolis. There are two remarkable temples: Temple I as well as Temple II.

Lost World Pyramid

Another structure that you must not miss in Guatemala is the Great Pyramid at Lost World. People never fail to adore its beauty and always consider it as the first attraction among the 38 buildings in the Lost World. It dates back to 500 B.C. However, it was reconstructed numerous times.

Spot Some Wildlife

As Tikal Guatemala lies in the core of the jungle, you will see an unbelievable variety of flora as well as wildlife species through your visit.

Tikal: The Most Well-known Mayan Ruins in Guatemala
Tikal: The Most Well-known Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Tikal National Park is not as hectic or crowded as new historically important places. It’s a slight bit out of the manner from the more visited places in Guatemala, certainly. Furthermore, Guatemala is not frequently visited like other spots in Central America.


Ixpanpajul is the perfect place to relish Eco tourism. This natural reserve proffers a significant amount of actions to keep you active, however enjoying nature. A thrilling journey going overhanging bridges is an experience you do not want to miss.

Seeing The Forest From The Trees

Heavy wire cables link a series of treetop platforms, to more adventurous voyagers can zip from the platform toward platform through a harness-and-pulley system. Tikal Canopy Tour has two distinct zip-line tours to choose from. A kind of slower trip for weary souls and a faster scheme for adrenaline junkies. They also have a series of trails as well as hanging suspension bridges over the thick forest.

Climb Mayan Ruins In Tikal

At the instant for the most beautiful views, you could climb the Temple IV called The Shrine of the Two-Headed Snake. Temple IV is also the shrine for the sunset watching.

You do not hike the original building to minimize the bad impact but would get to the top via woody stairs on the sideways of the temple.


As you roam the streets, you will stumble crossways a historic Church, the Spanish plaza as well as some lovely tiny restaurants. Flores is a silent and serene place, which merely takes about 15 minutes to walk around. But you can simply spend an afternoon soaked up the tranquil atmosphere here.

Why It’s Worth It

You will get a view you have never even thought before. Moreover, it’s better to make yourself comfortable rather than facing the chilly nights outside. If you are thinking about planning it then just go ahead.

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