Top Historical Places in Rome Italy

historical places in rome

Rome is filled with historical places and sights that draw people from all over the world. From ancient ruins to early Christian catacomb and medieval catacombs, historical places in Rome attract both art lovers and history buffs. The grandeur of Roman architecture and the passion for artwork that the city contains are manifested in its many museums. Among the most popular of Rome’s museums are the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, the Aquarium, the Congress Palace, the House of Justice, the Pantheon, and Mount Vesuvius.

Rome’s Congress Palace

A large stone building with Colosseum in the background

Rome’s Congress Palace is one of Rome’s historical places which houses some of its famous monuments such as the Pantheon, the Vatican Museum, and the Sistine Chapel. It is home to the longest Roman building, the Vatican Museums, which includes the Vatican Museums and the House of Justice. Among the other famous museums in Rome are the Vittorio Emanuele Museum, the Laterano Museum, and the Pincio Cave.

The Roman Forum is considered to be one of the best historical places in Rome as it is where the first Holy Roman Emperor issued his proclamations before his deposition and ascendancy as the first Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. Today, this area serves as the center for all public gatherings in Rome. Among the most important places in Rome, the Roman Forum features the Vitruvian Colon, the colonnaded terrace, the Arnoi Fountain, and the Piazza del Popolo. The Campi dei Fiori, or Holy Sepulcheria, is the location where St. Peter’s Basilica stands. Other historical places in Rome include the Archdioceses of Segovia and Varroa, the Spanish Steps, and the Pantheon.

Palatine Hill

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The second largest town in Rome is Palatine Hill. Its name was given after the region where it is situated, namely the Italian League. Although this was an important city throughout the Republic, the Palatine Hill only became significant during the Renaissance. Today, the town center and parts of its outskirts serve as a World Heritage Site due to the presence of the marvelous Palatine Hill and adjacent baths and churches.

Roman Forum

One of the most important Roman public buildings is the Roman Forum, which is located beneath the majestic colonnaded terrace of the Palatine Hill. This is where the most famous games of the Roman plebeians, such as the chariot races and the triathlon sally are held. It also serves as a meeting place for both government and civic officials. Along with this, the forum has been renovated since ancient times, making it one of the best sites in Rome to visit and admire. One other major attraction in the town center is the Roman Colosseum, where the first auto racing event was held.


Rome is a popular travel destination among people who love art and culture. One particular place in Rome that has gained popularity as a favorite travel destination is Vatican museums. There are several excellent galleries in Rome that can be visited by individuals who want to learn more about the rich history of this Vatican City. The Sistine Chapel is another attraction for those who love renaissance art.

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