Top Holiday Destinations Worldwide

top holidays destinations

Italy, the land of fashion, wine and furs is a top holiday destinations country for many. Venice is one of the most famous sights on earth. Every year during summer tourist visit Venice to see the amazing architecture and romantic settings. They also visit nearby cities such as Tuscany and the towns of Siena and Ravenna. The winter months are also a good time to visit Venice because they have wonderful ski resorts close by and many visitors stay in hotels in Venice itself, rather than stay in a holiday rental property.

Athens is another of the top holiday destinations in Europe that has seen a recent boom in home rentals. Nowadays it is possible to book a luxury apartment or villa in one of the more out of the way areas of Athens. Many tourists come during the summer months and stay in a hotel that is next to a beautiful beach such as the Coronada. Other popular beaches in Greece include Kamari, Kalamata and Mykonos.

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Skiing in the mountains of Greece is a great way to spend your holidays and many people choose to do this during the summer months. In the winter months skiing is off limits but in the summer months there is plenty to be enjoyed. Picturesque mountains can be visited in many places including Epirus and the islands of Zakynthos and Stratios. The weather is usually very pleasant in these mountains and many places have small skiing villages which are great places to visit. Some of the top Europe vacation destinations in the mountains of Greece include: Kouloura, Achladies, Epirus, Skopelos, Stavros tis Psokas, Kouloura, and Stavros tis Psokas.

Top Holiday Destinations

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Italy has many beautiful islands to choose from and a holiday in Italy and a holiday in Greece will prove to be some of the best holidays you ever take. Italy is one of the most popular European countries with tourists going there on holiday every year. The main islands in Italy that you can visit are the Italian coast with the likes of Sicily, Liguria, Sardinia and Progoffania. There are also other smaller islands in the Italian lakes area including the islands of Bertina and Pozzolo.

Hungary has a good selection of destination cities and some of the more popular cities in Hungary include Budapest, Hol Budapest, Magaluf, Silesia, Viktoria, Pest, Desselrekor, Assemer, Fethi and Gala. The most popular destination of Hungary is its capital Budapest and millions of people every year to go on holiday to relax in the capital city. Holidays in Budapest include spending a weekend relaxing in the riverbed or visiting the Danube Delta. Other popular destinations include the towns of Veszprem, Marmaris, Keflavik and Jancsi.

China is another great country to spend your holiday time and the country that springs to mind when you mention cherry blossom country is Japan. It is hard to get more traditional than Japan with all of its castles and temples and nature is also very much a part of Japanese culture. Cherry blossom themed holidays in Japan are a very popular way to enjoy the country and surrounding attractions. Some of the cherry blossom theme hotels include the Takagi Castle Hotel and Garden Hotel.

Spain is another top location for holidays with many tourists choosing to come here and spend their time in the beautiful cities. Spain has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the Costa del Sol is one of the top locations for Spain holidays. Many Spanish locals and foreign visitors love to take cheap Spanish lessons in order to help them enjoy their time here even more. Barcelona is one of the best Spanish cities for strolling around and taking in the sights. Some of the other tourist hot spots in Spain are Real Madrid, Granada, Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, Toledo and Almeria.

Last But Not Least

Croatia is another top destination for European holidays and those wanting to travel to the Adriatic can travel to the island of Croatia. With a blend of historical interest, entertainment and beauty, the Adriatic has a lot to offer visitors who want a break from more traditional European holidays. One of the main cities that can be found in Croatia is Zadar. Zadar offers a wide array of shopping experiences including some of the best designer stores Europe has to offer. There are many different types of food to experience while on your Croatia holidays and there are over 100 different wineries to explore as well.

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