Top Tourist Attractions In Varadero

Varadero is the prime and most adored Cuba’s seashore resorts. It is also supposed to be one of the world’s most attractive places. It is situated on the Hicacos Peninsula, about 140 km east of Havana. One of the major beach resorts in the Caribbean, Varadero is Cuba’s most popular tourist destination.

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach offers approximately 36 km (22 mi) of beautiful fine sand, thus soft. It feels similar to powdered sugar. Visitors from the four angles of the world drive here for classic sun-and-sand holidays, cooled by enjoyable tropical gusts certainly. The resort’s area proffers every modern facility imaginable. Whereas the seashore itself is well furnished for a variety of water sports, like snorkeling and scuba diving. Just outside the wonderful beach, you will find amply of chances to trek the trails. As well as perceive the varied wildlife protected inside the environmental reserves.

Top Tourist Attractions In Varadero
Top Tourist Attractions In Varadero

Saturno Cave In Varadero

Be struck by the magic inside the small Saturno Cave and observe its range of underwater vegetation. The cave hosts a small lake. In the lake, you could find fishes and additional species of the aquatic Cuban fauna which occupies its underground waters.

Here you would find water more suitable for practicing marine activities, for example, swimming or snorkeling. It consists of stalactites as well as stalagmites, absorbed mostly by water. The cave did not continually contain water.

Parque Josone

It is in an area that ranges among 56th and 59th streets. It is around 9 hectares abound through vegetation, reaching from impressive trees to small violets. Its lovely gardens bring significant natural, floristic as well as ornithological standards to this park. All in a peaceful and intimate environment.

The park has a sparkling atmosphere owing to the various actions like rowing, swimming. You will also get the pleasant chuckles of the mini-train along with occasional live music. There are correspondingly a number of eateries around the park.

Check Out Varahicacos Environmental Reserve

For a break from the resort lifespan, head over to the Eastern portion of the peninsula. The Varahicacos Environmental Reserve is a safe green space home to thousands of species. Here you will find rare plants, fauna, as well as wildlife.

There are hiking tracks passing through the reserve. They get stony and even quite thin, so bring proper footwear and gear for your safety.

Top Tourist Attractions In Varadero

Varadero Golf Club

Cuba now has a superlative tournament golf course. In 1998 the Varadero Golf Club started on a property previously possessed by the Dupont family of the United States. This course is designed by Les Forbes. He is the Canadian designer who spent several years working with the famous Robert Trent Jones. 


No vacation is worthy without time spent on the seashore, in the culture, as well as on a venture. Varadero, Cuba, offers this experience and more.

You could have the quintessential Cuban trip in this stunning beach town.

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