San Salvador- El Salvador’s Famous Capital

Top Things To Do In San Salvador, Top Tourist Attraction You Will Enjoy

El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador, is a contemporary city of extensive boulevards as well as slender streets. There are outdoor marketplaces, museums with additional cultural institutes, all set alongside the background of San Salvador volcano. The city is encircled by shantytown in addition to affluent suburbs through restaurants and big shopping malls. Serene settings, for example, the botanic garden of Parque Cuscutlan offers a break from the city’s chaotic pace.

Parque Nacional El Boquerón

A few minutes from the capital you would find El Boquerón National Park. This is situated in the cave of the San Salvador volcano. It is a safe area since it has an excessive variety of fauna and flora. It has cool weather throughout the year. This is a great choice if you want to walk over its paths.

On the road, you will discover different views, restaurants as well as cafes. You can relish the stunning views that El Salvador offers to its national plus foreign tourists. It will make your visit an amusing experience in Santa Tecla.

Top Things to do in San Salvador, San Salvador Department
San Salvador- El Salvador’s Famous Capital

 Iglesia El Rosario In San Salvador

Since 1971, the El Rosario church is a religious inheritance of Salvadorans as one of the churches in the capital. It keeps a contemporary architectural design, enriched with European impact as well as exceptional at the level of the continent.

Situated in front of the Libertad Park, it is a construction that measures 24 meters extensive as well as 80 meters extensive whose oval form is without columns, 22 meters high. In contrast to additional temples, the church has no supports that hinder the reflectiveness of the faithful to the altar as well as the interesting religious images that show up inside.

 Jardin Botanico La Laguna In San Salvador

Can you envision getting to a place, where you breathe a pure milieu as well as tranquillity where you come into contact with nature? This garden is not the work of a year or fifty, however of many more. The first German migrants who reached here on horseback established the dairy business, cattle, and coffee. Here they are stable in the mountains that line the currently La Laguna Plan plus reproduced. The Deininger family, excessive nature lovers, initiated bringing trees and plants from different parts of the world to the garden of their home, which grew extremely.

Devil’s Door (Puerta Del Diablo) As Well As Lake Coatepeque

Puerto del Diablo is made up of two outstanding boulders that extent for the sky. Looking among them provides the viewer with a panoramic view all the way to the Pacific. Devil’s Door is one of El Salvador’s most prevalent rock-climbing sites. They have lots of established ways for all levels of hikers. For the finest views, climb the rock stairs to the top. You will be rewarded with visions similar to the red-tiled roofs of the native town of Panchimalco.

Top Things to do in San Salvador, San Salvador Department
San Salvador- El Salvador’s Famous Capital

The views, the weather, the water temperature, all are great. There is an attractive lake in Coatepeque. It merely takes less than 1 hour from San Salvador. This is a very scenic lake to spend a day trip to El Salvador tourist attractions.

Lake Ilopango – San Salvador

Lake Ilopango is situated in the city of San Salvador. As well as it is a crater, filling up the volcanic caldera. It is the second biggest body of water in El Salvador. The lake is famous for its history as well as UFO sightings. Each year, travelers come to witness the airshow where international pilots put on a show. You would have a number of things to do in Lake Ilopango. People come in the hope of watching an alien ship. If you are in the city during the time of the annual air show, visit Lake Ilopango to see it.

National Theater Of El Salvador

This impressive building, complete with big pillars as well as a grand design, is a great place to see a show. By modern lighting as well as sound features, you are sure to relish yourself at the National Theatre.

Plaza Futura

With outstanding restaurant choices, along with some of the best shopping in San Salvador, Plaza Futura is an excessive place to make a stop. Some of the finest meat in the city is made at restaurants on the plaza.


San Salvador is the faultless place to experience the excessive outdoors without the masses as you make your way around Central America.

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