Tourist Attractions of Italy for a Honeymoon Couple

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Weddings bells are over and you are all set to plan your romantic holiday in Italy. This wonderful opportunity comes only once in a lifetime and you have all the right reasons to make it as special as possible. A luxurious honeymoon trip to Italy can be a dream come true for many couples worldwide. If you are planning a trip to Italy for your honeymoon, then here are some tourist attractions of Italy for a honeymoon couple which will help you plan the perfect itinerary.

Why should you go to Italy for your Honeymoon?

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A honeymoon trip to Italy personifies with Gondola rides and sparkling wine. This European country is bestowed with the best of blue watered seas, scenic highlands, forests and sky-towering cityscapes. Couples with varied interests can find everything to amuse them in Italy. Couples can take relaxing swims in hot springs or stroll hand in hand amidst the dense vineyards in Tuscany or even take boat rides through the canals of Venice. This country is full of experiences, all perfect for a couple in love.

Which are the Places you cannot Miss on a Honeymoon Trip to Italy?

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  • Venice – Impressive Canal City

A trip to Italy is incomplete without visiting Venice. This popular canal city is famous for its signature Gondola rides which cruise through the iconic highlights of the country such as the Piazza San Marco. There are Gondola Serenades available for honeymoon couples which sail through the 600 year old landscape of Venice, along with a native rower who will set the mood right by singing folk songs. While in Venice, you can also witness the Opera Show and ballet performances in the local theatres.

  • Tuscany – Opulent Vineyards and Interesting Renaissance architecture

Tuscany is famous around the world for its lovely vineyards. Besides offering you the world’s finest wines, Tuscany has several Renaissance-style monuments. While here, honeymoon couples can take a wine tour and explore the countryside on a bicycle. 

  • Rome – Eclectic mix of ancient heritage and happening night life

Rome is an amazing example of how age-old heritage blends with modern lifestyles. This capital city has some amazing destinations for honeymooners. Once satiated from taking historic tours around the Coloseums, couples can chill and unwind in the buzzing nightlife here.

Apart from these mentioned above, couples can also visit the breathtaking Lake Como and City of Naples in Italy. If you are planning your honeymoon trip in Italy, ensure that you book all the luxurious and romantic hotels which set the right ambience for you. 

So, plan your trip to Italy as  your budget allows. You can visit all these places and book low cost hotels if your budget is not exorbitant. But Italy is The place for honeymooners and a popular tourist attraction spot as well. Do not forget to go boating in Lake Como and take the perfect pictures for lifetime memories.

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