Tourist Places Houston – The Places You Should Definitely Visit

Tourist Places Houston

While being the largest metropolitan city in Texas, Houston makes a home to various cultural museums, people training in space centers, and research centers. Houston is a culturally impacted city that caters to amazing food. There are up to 11000 restaurants all around Huston. It is known for its famous dining and the most beautiful tourist places that would surely make the trip fun and exciting. Therefore, Houston is the perfect place for a short vacation with family or friends to relax and explore the city’s culture and food. Some of the must-visit tourist places are listed down below.

Tourist Places In Houston

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Space center – Among all the most famous and attractive tourist places, the Houston ranks’ space center at 1st. One gets to walk around the space shuttle replicas and go inside a space station that lets one know about all the upcoming projects being held at NASA. Most frequently, people also get a chance to meet and interact with a real astronaut. The space center also allows the tourists to see the mission control rooms where the astronauts are trained for their future missions. It also consists of a park that displays the rockets. The entry is usually free though many people buy a VIP ticket that allows them to see all the off-limit sites in the center and go on an open bus for a period of almost 2 hours.

Bayou Park – This park is spread across 160 acres that go through the whole city. It also consists of a slow-moving waterbody that is used by tourists to go for paddleboarding. There are various sculptures, biking and walking trails in the park. One of the most spectacular tourist sites in the park is an underground water reservoir that is now surrounded by various art installations. Cycling tours are also held in the park with tourist guides. The shady places in the park make a perfect spot for picnics. The Mexican free-tailed bats are also seen during sunsets in the park.

Never Miss This One

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Livestock Show and rodeo – This is one of the biggest events held in the downtown of Houston. A big 19-day important event where all the people of the city and the tourists celebrate together. It’s a diverse event that facilitates various carnival rides, food stalls, etc. The entertainment arranged in this event is phenomenal. The event is usually organized in February and March. During the day, various farm animals are displayed by the locals, and a cowboy show is held for boys to show off their skills. The rodeo event at night is mesmerized, with various musicians performing for the musical events. If they can, one must plan their visit to Houston during the livestock and rodeo event so that they do not miss out on the most celebrated event among all tourist places.


Houston is the city of culture and food that welcomes hundreds of tourists every year for their lively tourist places. If one is visiting Houston on a tight schedule, they could pick a site seeing tour bus that runs throughout the city while highlighting key events related to Houston and their history.

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