Two Great Seattle Tourist Attractions

seattle tourist attractions

Seattle, a Puget Sound city in Washington State, is covered with forests, water and evergreen vegetation, and has thousands of acres of beautiful parkland. Washington State boasts some of the most beautiful cities in the country, and is home to many popular tourist destinations. In addition to the Space Needle, the state capital, Olympia, sits on the Seattle area waterfront. The futuristic Space Needle is the most iconic landmark in Seattle.

The Space Needle

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One of the most famous and oft-visited attractions in Seattle is the Space Needle. The Space Needle stands on the edge of Capitol Hill, the main neighborhood in Seattle. It was built to showcase the new Space shuttle system. The Space Needle is actually a tall, glass-covered structure that is made up of two sections: the top section is the actual base of the building, while the bottom portion is the support infrastructure. A walk around the Space Needle will allow visitors to take in all of the sights and sounds of the Space Needle: the rotating and spinning floor lights, the Space Shuttle and the blinking light from the base of the building.

Another of the many popular Seattle tourist attractions is the Space Needle. This tall, white structure, which is approximately 30 feet high, sits proudly on the Space Needle plain in the heart of the city. Built to be the tallest building in the western hemisphere, the Space Needle is also one of the most distinctive. Visitors can stand near the base of the Space Needle and take in the rotating and dancing lights as they watch the Seattle skyline.

The Space Needle Itself

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One of the most interesting Seattle tourist attractions is the Space Needle itself. For an unusual and rather unnerving experience, visitors can take a walking tour around the Space Needle and be met by a very tall and quite creepy-looking alien. At the center of the top of the Needle is an observation deck that offers a spectacular view of the Space Needle and downtown Seattle. While this isn’t a place you want to spend a long time, it’s definitely worth a look!

Probably one of the most important among the many Seattle tourist attractions is the Seattle Center. As one of the first large museums in America (and the first large city in the world), the Seattle Center has some of the best food and most beautiful architecture in the area. You will find beautiful artworks in the various venues, the largest of which is the Museum of Contemporary Art. The food tour and the walking tour are also great ways to learn about the city as a whole, and it’s definitely worth taking both.

Other Interesting Places In Seattle

In addition to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Seattle Center also offers a few other interesting places to check out. Among the other great things to do there is the Space Needle. The Space Needle stands on the top of a tower located at the edge of Lake Washington. One of the great features of the Space Needle is that it’s always being painted bright colors, so that people can easily see it. The Space Needle is definitely one of the best tourist attractions in all of Seattle. Of course, if you have the mop, you can always make your way to the main stage of the Space Needle.

Bottom Line

These are just two of the famous attractions in Seattle. There are many more, including but not limited to the Space Needle and the inverted coffee cone. You will also find other great places to eat and other great places to stay while you’re here. There’s simply no better way to experience all that Seattle has to offer, by foot or by car. You’re sure to be greeted with numerous signs and banners promoting everything from locally produced goods to national brands.

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