Visit These Tourist Places In Spain At Least Once In Your Life

tourist places in spain

Spain is famous for its traditions, culture, historical places, vibrant nightlife, and food, etc. Besides these, this country has a few such tourist places that are best recommendations for those who love mountains, splendid beaches, adventure, and mesmerizing natural scenery. Apart from some highly crowded tourist spots, we are going to tell you about those tourist places in Spain where you can enjoy yourself without a crowd of tourists. 

Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Tourist Places

Alicante is a picturesque city right on the Mediterranean ocean, now one of the most prominent features of Alicante is the Santa Barbara Castle, an ancient fortress. Playa del Postiguet, Tabarca, and Archeological Museum of Alicante are the best places to visit here. This place is recommended for those who love beaches and visiting castles. Here you can enjoy water sports too. 

El Teide

Tourist Places

If you are a nature lover and love exploring wonderful geographical spots, this place is for you. El Teide is the highest peak of Spain, located at Tenerife island. This place is special because, at the center of this peak, two volcano craters make a large crater. This crater is a vast crater with a floor diameter of 12 miles with colored rock formations. You can go here by vehicle or just by hiking. But, we recommend you to go to the top of it by hiking if you have sufficient time and physical strength. This hiking will give you an unforgettable experience and the landscape views here are great for clicking photos. However, due to some causes, if you don’t prefer hiking, you can go to the top on a cable car ride within just 8 minutes.

Sagrada Familia And Gaudi Sites, Barcelona

Sagrada Familia is the world’s oldest construction project that has been continuing for more than 137 years to complete. It is also known as the Templo Expiatorio of Sagrada Familia. This building is the best-known example of Catalan modernism and an emblematic monument of Barcelona. The unfinished work of architect Antoni Gaudi is located in the neighborhood. At Casa Batllo, a part of the same Sagrada Familia, mask-shaped balconies and beautiful color schemes, 10 D immersive effects created with augmented reality are sufficient to win your heart.


Every person has his own preferences when it comes to enlisting his favorite tourist spots. Some may like mountains, whereas some may like beaches, and historical places, adventure, etc. These three tourist places in Spain are those places where you can visit several other secondary tourist spots. However, El Teide and Sagrada Familia Gaudi are the most favorite tourist places of the people who don’t take much interest in visiting old castles, churches, etc. If you have a shortage of time, you can skip Santa Barbara Castle, but the best recommendations from our side are the latter two, so don’t skip them at all.

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