Visiting Many Historic Places In Arkansas

historical places in arkansas

The state of Arkansas is a rich place to visit. Many historical places in Arkansas are open for tourism and visitors. The historical places in Arkansas have been shaped by time. They have changed through the years. Visitors can go back in time and enjoy a glimpse of the past.

The first settlement of the Native Americans in Arkansas can be found at Fayetteville. The Fayetteville post office was established around 184. The place still stands today and has been preserved as a historical site. Fayetteville was the center of early Arkansas culture.

Little Rock

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The second largest town of Arkansas is Little Rock. It was named after the president of the United States. There were also Indian camps located here in the earlier days. The history of the place can be seen throughout its history museums, Indian caves, and the Pee Dee Falls. Today it is also known for many musical styles like blues, rockabilly and rhythm and blues.

Little Rock is the home of some notable musicians like Robert Johnson, Merle Travis, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. There are also historical landmarks like the former Central High School, the Old State House, the Cricket Barn, and the Old Town Hall. The University of Arkansas is located in the city. There are also two professional baseball teams that play games at the Comfrey Stadium.

Ft. Smith

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Ft. Smith is another interesting spot in Arkansas. Fort Smith was originally constructed during the Civil War. There are many Civil War sites in the area. Major Allen’s Battery and Pinehill Military Camp are nearby. The City of Ft. Smith also has an annual four-day flea market.

Forts and Palaces are other historical places in Arkansas. The Pulaski House is a historic place in Little Rock. It was built in 1855 it is one of the best preserved houses in the state. The Garden Building is another place with a historical aspect. It was constructed in 1887 it is one of the oldest buildings in the state. There are also plantations with historical significance.

The Apache And Shawnee Indian

The Apache and Shawnee Indians once lived near the Pine Ridge, Arkansas. The ruins of this village can still be visited and are a sight to see. Other historical places in Arkansas include the Devil’s Den State Historic Site, Cades Cove State Park, and the Ozark Mountains National Recreation Area.

Not everyone likes to travel to Arkansas for a holiday, but if you are the adventurous type, you may be drawn to these historical places in Arkansas. They offer activities that will keep you occupied during your stay. The landscape of the area is stunning. It is also a place where history comes alive.

Main Attractions In These Historical Places

Whitewater rafting is one of the main attractions in these historical places in Arkansas. You can relax and feel right at home on a raft that travels along the river. This activity is available throughout the year, so plan accordingly. Other historical places in Arkansas that are known for their whitewater rivers include Arkadelphia and Toto’s Bluff. You can enjoy tubing on the Grandeur River as well. The Ozark Mountains’ largest river, the Snake River, also offers tubing on its beautiful flatwater.

Arkansas has many historic places to see and visit. If you enjoy hunting, you can do it legally in Arkansas with a range of organizations. Arkansas is known as a Christian state, and it is illegal to hunt without a license in the state. There are also plenty of organizations that will help you find a guide to help you hunt.

The Talisman Plaza

If you enjoy history and historic buildings, you will love visiting historical places in Arkansas. The University of Arkansas has several historic buildings on its campus. The University of Alabama has The Talisman Plaza within its grounds. All of these places have been identified as historic landmarks by the United States Congress.


While traveling through Arkansas, you may want to stop in Little Rock. The former capital of the state is a very interesting site to check out. Many people visit Little Rock just for this very reason. When you see all of the historical places in Arkansas and take in the beautiful scenery, you will truly be amazed.

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