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From both the ancient past and the present day, the sights and sounds of Boston will captivate and enchant visitors of all walks of life.

Because of its location on America’s finest ocean beach, it is no surprise that a visit to Boston would include a trip to the famed Freedom Trail. This walking trail allows visitors to explore the rich history of Boston through the story of the freedoms taken by our forefathers. From the famed Charlesgate Church to the Old John Hancock Building, each of these sites is filled with amazing historical sights and monuments. This expert tip will provide you with a few of the most interesting Boston tourist attractions that you can visit while on a road trip in Boston.

The First Boston Landing Aquarium

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One of the most popular Boston tourist attractions is sure to be the first Boston Landing Aquarium at the edge of the Charles River. This natural tourist attraction features several hundred feet of waterfront space, including an observation tower, surrounded by beautiful gardens and award winning exhibits. The first floor of this natural attraction houses the aquarium, which is filled with fish and marine wildlife. On your tour of this site, you can also stop by and see the seals that come to breed at the end of each season. This exhibit features some of the most spectacular sea life you’ll ever see.

One of the most famous attractions in the city is of course the famed “Green Monster.” This colossal reptile has become something of a Boston landmark and is featured in numerous tourist photos. You can get close and personal with this amazing creature during one of many guided tours of the old town in Boston that take you beneath the surface of this iconic local landmark. During your guided tour of why we recommend this tourist attraction, you’ll learn why this natural beast was named after the town’s historical resident “Green Monster.”

The Science Museum

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A few of the other popular attractions in and around the Old Town in the Boston area include the American History Museum, the Science Museum, and the House of Parliament. If you are looking for a unique way to spend a day, you should consider taking a walking tour through the Back Bay, where you can experience everything from quiet paths along the river to secluded bodegas and colonial shops. If you prefer being in the middle of things, you might want to try the guided tour of Why we recommend this tourist attraction. There are also a number of guided walking tours you can take in and around the Science Museum.

When you love to visit historical attractions, you will want to make sure that you include some of the top Boston attractions when you plan your trip to Boston. Two of the best places to start when you are thinking of visiting the top Boston attractions are the Science Museum and the House of Parliament. You can spend several hours just exploring these two great historical sites without spending a lot of money.


The Science Museum has an entire planetarium and colonic tube that you can walk through. It allows you to explore not only the planet and the universe, but also history itself. And if you like the idea of sampling the flavors of various cultures around the world, then you might like to pay a visit to the House of Parliament, where you can dine and get to know the historical figures who once roamed this small town.

Boston is filled with other great tourist attractions. If you are looking for fine arts, then you should definitely look into the Boston Red Sox and Boston Massacre Memorial Museum. This museum was designed to honor those who were killed during the famous Battle of Lexington and Concord. Some of the images from this museum can be quite haunting, which is why it is also great to visit on a holiday when you can avoid the crowds. Another area that is full of rich history and culture is the Museum of Afro-American History. This is a great place to learn more about the early African American community in America and get a glimpse into their culture.

Final Words

These are just a few of the many attractions that you will enjoy if you decide to visit Boston. There are so many things to see and do in this city that you can’t visit it in a single day. We recommend that you plan a walking tour of Boston to maximize your time. This way, you can sightsee and experience all the best parts of the city, and not waste any of your time driving through tourist attractions and sightseeing on the way to your hotel. So, make sure you plan your visit to Boston ahead of time so that you can experience all of the incredible things this amazing city has to offer.

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